The Rockin' Sixties III:
Bands and Stages Through The Years

In June of 1964, Bobby was definitely in the right place at the right time. He became the first pop singer to record a jingle that sounded like a “Top 40 Single,” the song was “Things Go Better with Coke.” He signed an exclusive contract with Coca Cola to be their #1 Spokesman. Bobby, inspired by Coke and thinking of a spin off to “Things Go Better with Coke,” co-wrote “The Real Thing” which he used a version of for the commercial “Coke’s The Real Thing.”

Bobby made numerous appearances on network “Teen” TV shows like American Bandstand. His Hollywood debut was on Hullabaloo and Shindig, from southern California, then the world famous Wolf Man Jack Show and Don Webster’s Show in Cleveland, Ohio. He later became the first recording artist to host not one, but two Network Canadian TV Shows. After Four on CFTO Channel 9 in 1965 and 1966, and Shake, Rock and Roll on CTV in 1973. Bobby was also host to many of the Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada Pageants.

Some of the backup bands that toured with Bobby during the sixties included The Bobcats and The Original Martells, as well as three bands from Manitoba: Chad Allan and the Reflections (later known as the Guess Who), The Dovermen, and The New Martells.

The sixties, with hit after hit for Bobby, included 25 Canadian Gold singles and 12 Canadian Gold albums.

Bobcats 1959
The Original Martells
The MartellsBobby On Stage with the Original Martells
Johnny Lincoln and the Martells
Guess Who: Chad Allan and the Reflections
With the Dovermen, Brandon, Manitoba ~ 1964Bobby and the Martells at the Pool
Lost in the '60s: Dovermen: Warren Hannay ~ John Bishop ~ Bill Hillman ~ Delkeith Dubbin ~ Cyril StottBobby and the Martells in the good ole days
Outdoor Concert 1962



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