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Bobby Curtola returns to hometown Thunder Bay
on the last weekend of September for a gala celebration.
and the
Official Opening
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Curtola to be Honoured with Street
The Source: Thunder Bay ~ July 29, 2003

A roadway at Marina Park will soon be named after
Thunder Bay music legend Bobby Curtola.
A group of supporters had originally wanted council to re-name a part of the street in front of the former Lakeview High School where the singer had attended.
City staff said it would be easier to bestow the honour using one of the unnamed laneways within Marina Park. Council agreed to that and a ceremony and concert is now being planned for September 26th.

Edmonton Sun
Percy Wickman reports fellow ex-Thunder Bay-ian Bobby Curtola is being honoured
with a street named after him in the old hometown.
"Curtola Crescent" would work in this area too.
Bobby's lived close to Edmonton for most of his adult life.

Bobby's Latest... and Greatest Album

A Limited Edition Double CD Album
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A Limited Edition Double CD Album
Order Here

By COLIN MACLEAN -  Staff Writer
Edmonton Sun ~ Friday, May 9, 2003

You can go home after all.

Mom and dad may be gone, your old grade school a parking lot and your childhood address a 7-Eleven, but there is one place that remains resolutely untouched by time.

Rydell High
The girls still wear bobby socks, the nerds sport saddle shoes and the greasers stick back their hair.  In today’s world where everything seems disposable, Rydell High stands forever as it was in the ‘50s.

Of course, Rydell is the high school at the centre of this surprising Citadel Theatre celebration of the youth you never had.  Surprising, because if ever there was a show that has spent too long in the oven, it’s Grease. Is there a high school in the world that hasn’t produced it?

But director Bob Baker is a theatrical alchemist, turning dramatic dress into pure gold. Cheerfully cherry-picking moments, costumes, songs and dances from the original 1971 production, the John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John movie, the newer Tommy Tune Broadway version and his own seemingly inexhaustible bags of theatrical tricks, he has pumped vital new life into the old warhorse.  (With the help of choreographer Krista Monson, who matches Baker’s high-spirited vision step by exuberant step.)

The dramatic elements are pitched just over the top, the acting performed in the grand manner, the singing is full-bodied and delivered with zip and the production numbers are, well, I don’t think thrilling is too strong a word.  Just wait till you catch the entire company givin’ ‘er to We Go Together or Summer Nights.

The movie was tailored for Travolta and Newton-John but here, freed from the shackles of mounting a star vehicle, Baker is able to spotlight others in his talented cast.

Consequently, Christian Goutsis as Doody delivers a knockout version of Those Magic Changes, Scott Walters shines as Kenickie in Greased Lightning (a love song sung to a car) and Aaron Walpole and Shelley Simester are romantic in Mooning, a homage to baring your bottom for fun and recreation. Lindsay Thomas bounces all over the stage as cheerleader Patty Simcox - and can that girl dance.  The two gangs – the Pink Ladies and the Greasers – interact within their groups with energy and fun.

Each of the characters gets their moment and all make the very best of it.

Celina Stachow’s aspiring hairstylist Frenchy is appealing and she has one of the best musical theatre voices around.

Briana Buckmaster unleashes a strong, clear voice as Rizzo, the embittered leader of the Pink Ladies.  This Rizzo makes more sense than the near psychotic reading Stockard Channing gave in the movie.

Ashley Wright brings an imposing heft to his Miss Lynch, avoiding the temptation to overplay the cross-dressing and delivering a character with some dignity (but funny).

Coming off their memorable pairing in last year’s Cabaret, Baker’s leads are pedal to the metal all the way.

John Ullyatt’s Danny is softer and more vulnerable than Travolta’s swaggering dude, but it’s a valid and convincing take.  Under his “cool” we see that Danny is kind of a sweet guy.  His song, Sandy, sung when she walks out on him at the drive-in, is the anguished cry of a kid with raging hormones who can’t figure out the opposite sex.

Pamela Gordon, besides unleashing that big voice of hers in songs like Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee and Hopelessly Devoted to You, manages to pull off the impossible – she makes Sandy, surely one of the blandest creations in all of theatre, into a flesh-and-blood character.

And Then There's Bobby Curtola

There could be no other Teen Angel in this country. We first see him in silhouette at the top of a huge staircase and then when he finally appears in his silver lamé suit to exhort Frenchy, the beauty school dropout, to “go back to high school.” There is no doubting the charisma of a star that has held audiences for 50 years.  Maybe he’s not quite hitting those big high notes anymore but you can see the undimmed twinkle in his eye as he commands the stage.

Any small problems I saw in the preview I was permitted to attend no doubt evaporated by opening night.

The top price may range around $70 but let me tell you it’s worth it.  Get your tickets because Grease is the word and when it gets around, there won’t be a seat left.    Grease ends the Citadel’s season playing on the Shoctor Stage and is already held over.

John Ullyatt and Pamela Gordon

Due to business and other performing commitments

Let's Go To The Hop
April 26, 2003
Brandon, Manitoba

Watch for announcements
for alternate date

February 14 & 15, 2003
Club Regent Casino ~ Winnipeg, Manitoba
Club Regent Casino ~ Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada's Rock n' Roll Legend
Bobby Curtola
'Fortune Teller', 'Hand in Hand'
 Tickets $20*

In 1963 Bobby Curtola recorded the international hit Fortune Teller and made ‘Curtolamania’ a household word.
With 25 Canadian Gold singles and 12 Canadian Gold Albums to his credit,
Bobby Curtola was truly Canada’s first ‘Teen Idol’.
The charismatic Bobby Curtola brings his energetic Sock Hop to
Club Regent Casino for this special Valentines weekend show.

A featured question on the popular
CBC National Online Quiz

Who sang the hit song, "Fortune Teller" in 1962?
Bobby Curtola
Curtola was born in Port Arthur, Ontario, (now called Thunder Bay). "Fortune Teller" was recorded in Nashville and was an international smash, selling over 2,000,000 copies worldwide! Curtola became a Canadian teen idol and was the first Canadian singer to have his own fan club in Canada.

Visit these two new Bobby Curtola Web pages

Bobby's performance at the 2002
Grey Cup Dinner
 in Edmonton, Alberta

Bobby Curtola, C.M
Awarded the 
Queen's Jubilee Medal




Bobby Curtola is to be awarded a Commemorative Medal approved by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II  in honour of the 50th Anniversary of Her Majesty's accession to the Throne.

See the personal announcement from the office of the Canadian Governor General.

Click Here

Commemorative medals are struck from time to time to mark important anniversaries and other great occasions. In keeping with this tradition, the Golden Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth II commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of Her Majesty's reign as Queen of Canada. The Medal will be awarded to Canadians who have made a significant contribution to their fellow citizens, their community or to Canada. 

Hear many of Bobby's hits at:



When Rock 'n Roll was in its infancy, Bobby Curtola was a Canadian hero who stayed at home and sold millions of hit records that mesmerized the teenagers in Canada and the neighboring U.S.A. In the company of other teen idols such as Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Paul Anka and Rick Nelson, Bobby Cutola sang his long list of hit songs to the "bobby soxer" generation.

After a recent and very successful first visit to Bali's Hard Rock Hotel, Bobby is back for what promises to be another triumphal visit:

Bobby will appear on Wednesday, March 8th, 1600 hours onwards at Sand Island and Thursday, March 9th and Friday March 10th - 2100 hours onwards at the Centerstage.

For further information telephone 62-(0) 0361 - 761 869 extension 8001 or 8164.

Gordon Lightfoot and Bobby Curtola are presented with their 1966 RPM Gold Leaf Award (Juno) on CTV.  At the 8th Grammy Awards, Taste of Honey, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra and Barbra Striesand made appearances.

Running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (weather permitting), the Showboat has seen now-famous individuals make their debut on its stage. Among the best known are Rolf Harris, Barbara Perkins, Juliette, Judith Forst and Deborah Kara Unger. The late Chief Dan George was a regular. Even pop sensation Bobby Curtola appeared at the venue, sending teenage girls into a frenzy. To get away, Curtola had to slip into a lifeguard's t-shirt to disguise himself and lay flat in a row boat while lifeguards took him to the other side of the pool. That was when the stage was situated in the outdoor tidal pool long before it was renovated into the current heated pool. 

Canada’s Rock n’ Roll Legend
Joins the Citadel Cast of Grease
September 5, 2002
Edmonton, Alberta

EDMONTON, AB – Bob Baker, Artistic Director of Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre announced today Canada’s Greatest Rock n’ Roll Legend, Bobby Curtola will be joining the cast of Grease running May 3 – June 1, 2003 as Teen Angel.

“We are thrilled to have a true Rock n’ Roll Legend bring his amazing talents and experience to our production of Grease,” says Bob Baker. “Canada’s Teen Idol is now Edmonton’s Teen Angel.” . . .

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Bobby's Charity Concert at Holmfield
raised thousands to save the community church.
Bobby's Holmfield Charity Concert
Click to see blow-up image of this poster

August 2002

Visit the Bobby Curtola Profile Page
at the Online Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll 50th Anniversary Inc. Announces
Bobby Curtola as "Official Canadian Spokesperson"
 March 20, 2002 -- Rock and Roll 50th Anniversary (sm) is pleased to announce that Bobby Curtola, "Canada's Rock and Roll Legend" has agreed to spearhead our Canadian activities in celebration of this event. "We are thrilled that Bobby Curtola is working with us. His legendary career and commitment to the music typifies what we are trying to achieve in our celebration of this unique art form." Said executive director, Elliot Tarabour. Rock and Roll 50th Anniversary (sm) is working with Bobby and his team to develop a series of exciting events during the year long celebration from July 5, 2004 through July 5, 2005. These will include concerts, personal appearances, and other activities bringing the celebration across Canada.

About Bobby Curtola -- Bobby Curtola, "Canada's Rock and Roll Legend", has performed for over 40 years and was the first Canadian artist to receive a gold record. He has a total of 25 gold records and his hits include, "Aladdin", "Hitchhiker", and "Fortune Teller". A Thunder Bay native, Bobby was awarded the Order of Canada (the highest honor a citizen can receive from the Canadian government) for his commitment as an Ambassador for care around the world, for his humanitarian work, and for his pioneering success in Canadian Pop Music. Bobby's singing of the "Things go better with Coke(R)" jingle is credited with starting a new trend in advertising. Bobby continues to perform to sold out audiences and committed to several charitable activities. For more information visit He will appear at the Sock Hop Reunion April 27, 2002, Brandon, Manitoba. For details and tickets visit

About Rock and Roll 50th Anniversary (sm) Inc. --- Rock and Roll 50th Anniversary(sm) is organizing the activities and events surrounding this passage. We are committed to doing this in a respectful and historically appropriate manner to honor the form and its pioneers, celebrate its contributions, and educate the public about its significant cultural impact. Rock and Roll 50th Anniversary(sm) Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software Tool and Die, America's first dialup internet service provider. Web Site: --

(c)Rock and Roll 50th Anniversary Inc. (sm) All rights reserved. Coke(R)is a registered trademark of the Coca Cola(R) Company

Announcement on the 
Winnipeg McPhillips Street Station Casino Website

McPhillips Street Station Casino Entertainment
Main Showroom
July/August 2002

McPhillips Street Station Casino offers live entertainment in an intimate concert environment with licensed beverage service. Show Times are 10:00pm (unless otherwise indicated), with reserved seating via advanced tickets at the Casinos or at any Ticketmaster outlet.

Effective for July 12-13 Bobby Curtola Show, Casino Concert tickets will go on sale Friday 3 weeks prior to the show. (Unless Otherwise Indicated)

Canada's Rock 'n' Roll Legend
Bobby Curtola
'Fortune Teller', 'Hand in Hand'
July 12 - July 13

Tickets $20.00*
On Sale June 21

In 1963 Bobby Curtola recorded the international hit Fortune Teller and made 'Curtolamania' a household word. With 25 Canadian Gold singles and 12 Canadian Gold Albums to his credit, Bobby Curtola was truly Canada's first 'Teen Idol'.

Bobby's Rock 'n' Roll Tidbits

Members of Elvis' first band: The Blue Moon Boys
Elvis' middle name is Aaron
Scotty Moore's full name is Winfield Scott Moore III.
Bill Black's middle name is Patton.
Later addition to the band:
D.J. in D.J. Fontana stands for Dominic Joseph.

Order of Canada

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