Bobby's Latest... and Greatest Album

CD 1
1. Aladdin
2. Three Rows Over
3. Don't You Sweetheart Me
4. Pretty Blue Eyes
5. Indian Giver
6. Makin' Love
7. Come Home Little Girl
8. Dream Wishes
9. Hitchhiker
10. Fortune Teller
11. Move Over
12. Little Girl Blue
13. Sandy
CD 2
14. Destination Love
15. Gypsy Heart
16. Hand In Hand With You
17. I'll Never Be Alone Again
18. Footsteps
19. Johnny Take Your Time
20. I Cry And Cry
21. High Tone
22. Corrina Corrina
23. Ever Near You
24. My Christmas Tree
25. It's About Time

Limited Edition

The '60s were about neighbors and friends. Going to church on Sunday. Never having to lock your doors. It was about those black leather jackets - the cars - and the pom-poms. It was about a boy going fishing with his father or a father taking his son to a baseball game or the girls going to their pajama parties. It was about sharing money to take your friend to the show on the weekend. It was carrying your girlfriend's books after school.

I can still remember as a youngster coming home from school and singing in the alley and a neighbor shouting next door to my mother saying, "Hey Mary, I hear Bobby coming home!" Coming home from school to Mom's apple pie and  those fresh buns coming out of the oven. We could hardly wait for the weekends to come so we could go to the dances and the roller rink. I remember the high school sock-hop dances that we still do today. 

Yes, the '60s were about family - and it was about music. We got our first impressions from black and white TV and Elvis singing "Love Me Tender." I admired Elvis; he influenced all our lives, including mine. I remember all the Coca-Cola records and my first big commercial for them. "Things Go Better With Coke," which the radio stations played like a hit record. 

The '60s were filled with dreams that we all had the opportunity to fulfill. You could not only dream about it, you could actually do it! You could shoot for the moon and be happy to land among the stars. I remember being on tour, on the bus with Dick Clark and all the American stars - and being in England on "Thank Your Lucky Stars" and then in Hollywood singing with the stars. I remember singing with Bill Haley and the Comets, The Coasters, Chubby Checker, Roy Orbison and all the good times I spent with so many artists. I remember recording songs in RCA's Studio B in Nashville with engineer Bill Porter, where many of the songs in this album were first recorded. It was a special time for all of us. That's the '60s I remember. 

My life's been like a football game! On those occasions when I'd be running towards the goal line, going for the touchdown, and someone would knock the ball out of my hand, I'd get back up, and while they were fighting for the ball God would throw me another long pass. I'd take that lateral step, catch it, and run for the touchdown. 

I've designed this album so these hits will carry you back to the '60s and I sincerely hope these 25 gold records bring you much joy and great memories. 

Bobby Curtola

The Bobby Curtola
Limited Edition
Double CD

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