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Before the Wave
Building Tortola's "Patchwork Quilt"

It is clear from the preceding “Background” document, “The BVI in the mid-1950s”, that the (British) Virgin Islands have changed immensely in recent years. This is a result of both external (“global”) influences, and internal (“local”) pressures. Simplistically, the people who have generated these internal change, the builders of the modern BVI, may be classified as ‘belongers’ and ‘non-belongers’. People tell me that there are different categories of belonger: those who have never left the islands, those who have left and not returned, those who have left and returned, and the children of expats. And perhaps there are others as well. Similarly non-belongers are divisible into ‘black expatriates’ mostly from other Caribbean societies, ‘white expatriates’ mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, and ‘other expatriates’ – from, for instance, Lebanon. Of course each of these categories could be further subdivided.

This web site will look at some of the stories of these ‘builders’ of what might be viewed as a ‘patchwork quilt’, where each person is an individual with their own story, but at the same time each of these individuals contributes to a larger whole. In large part as a convenience (in order to make more manageable my self-appointed task) I will be concentrating upon expats who lived and worked in the BVI for at least the 20 years prior to 2007 (i.e. coming to the Virgin Islands in 1987 or prior to that date) – which was the starting date of my project, and when I myself moved to Tortola as a more-or-less permanent resident. I will also occasionally be including the children of expats where this seems valuable and appropriate. Although this 1987 date is somewhat arbitrary, it does encompass all of the people who arrived on Tortola before the larger recent influx of expats, or ‘before the wave’ as some people term it. I will also include, where possible, people who are no longer available for interview, having left the BVI or died. Published obituaries of some the latter are included – when I could find these. In time it is hoped that the project can be expanded – for instance to include the many belongers who have built their own part of the Virgin Islands.

Draft of 17th July, 2014
Profiles of People in the British Virgin Islands
Leslie Allen
Alan William Anderson
Ewan Anderson
John Philip (Phil) Aspinall
Peter Bailey
Kenneth Bain
David Baldwin
Russell George Ball
Noel Barton
Alan Baskin
Margaret Benjamin 
Mary Roy Brockbank
Neville Burke
Michael Burrill
Fred and Judy Carlson
Charlie Cary
Cynthia (Cindy) Chestnut
Andrew Kimberley Clayton
Christine Cass Clayton
John Michael Cope
Bob Denniston
Robert and Sally Dick-Read
Frank Doty
Jerry Edmunds
Tony Edwards
George Dawson Forster
Norman Fowler
Brian Gandey
King Greenspon
Tessa Gunter
Roger Harris
Victor William Hartlen
Penny and Peter Haycraft
Michael Helm
Sandra Mazurkewich Henley
Bill Hirst
Archie and Suzanne Hodge
Dana Hokin, the Hokin family, and The Bitter End
Harold (Bill) Hooper
James Hulbert
Lester Hyman
Tim Jones
Randy Keil
Herbert Francis "Bert" Kilbride
Aileen Malcolm
Marilyn Littlejohn Manns
Angelika (Geli) Maynard
Dennis McDonald
Warren H. McKenna
Thomas Merrigan
Jim Moreshead
Jeff and Jinx Morgan
Peter John Morris
Andrew Mudie
Janet Parsons
Richard Parsons
Clive Petrovic
Bob and Mary Radnik
Rowan Roy
Michael Royle
Ron and Ann Russell
Graham Sedgwick
Crispin (Cris) Ruffell Smith
Tony Snell
Omar Tarabay
Jill Tattersall
Dr. Robin Tattersall
 Dr. R. R. Thomas MBE (Obituary)
Alice Turner
Joyce Turpin
Gregory Tye
The Wagner Family
William Walker
Lewis Wendell Ward
Robb White
Wildfred Wild
John Williams
Sonia Williams
Hilary (Davis) Woodfield
Jeremy Wright
.Photos of People in the British Virgin Islands
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