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October 2000 Edition
MAILSTROM: From East Germany
hallo !
thanks for your great help,,,it was the right airport and museum .....
thank you  ....
when you have connections for change aircrafts from user museum
to a another museums .......whe have many migs for this.....
whe need phantoms or starfighters......
whe make a contrast gallery of fighters west and east ....
when you have ideas
i can send my a response of my question .......
i will send you a tree photos
from user airbase with museum.............
........bye regards thomas

hallo canada!

this is the largest airbase in east germany past peenemünde airbase.
its an old german luftwaffe airbase from 1929  to 1945
1945 after the war ....come the soviet air force to this base.........
today is it dead flight militar planes ......
today here the biggest plane what fly is a cessna.
the russians started here with all migs what is..
in the soviet air force moig 15-MIG -MIG29.........transporter ...
biggest on the world russlan or turbo props startet from here
tupolev 114 and antonov 12
and helicopters ....this airbase was a
trainee center what in the usa the top gun scool is...................
its 45miles from berlin north east in eberswalde/finow.........
a still airbase  place .....
in the world war 2 was here a special scool ........
i will send you 2-or tree photos more ....
i speak with the  chief of the museum ..........
whe can give 1 mig-21 for change with a starfighter or phantom
regards thomas   011 3334 282278 ph/ germany




Cradle of space exploration or breeding ground of terror weapons and mass murder? - Peenemünde is both. The museum tells in graphic form the story of the most spectacular, and at the same time most threatening, breakthrough of the 20th. century.

The "reprisal weapon V2" was developed in Peenemünde; its production cost the lives of tens of thousands of prisoners and as well as being a prototype military ballistic missile it was to become the forerunner of the space shot carrier rockets. The outdoor part of the museum has exhibits of rockets, different aircraft, a helicopter and a rocket ship.

Aviation Art and Cartoons
by Bob Durnan
Artist Bob Durnan is a retired Metro Toronto Police detective who now resides in a resort community north of Toronto. He served in the RCAF from November 1952 until 1963 as a Ground Control Approach Controller. His website features many fine examples of his aviation art and cartoons.

To the left is a sample of Bob's art
A tribute to the thousands of aircrew who trained in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan during World War II.
Original acrylic painting 16"x20" 
e-mail for purchase info

By Michael Holm
This is one of the most encyclopaedic and informative sites about the Luftwaffe on the Internet:
Air units ~ Ground units ~ Articles ~ Orders of Battle ~ Equipment ~
Sources and Books ~ Links ~  Discussion Board ~ and more

WWII Aerial Color Pictures
In 1935, the firm Kodak developed the color film Kodachrome which was one of the first comercial color films available, together with Agfacolor, in 1936, with which one could get transparencies or color slides. The color film Kodacolor was introduced in 1941 and it contributed to its popularization, though the Second World War had started in 1939. Many photographic improvements became available during this war period and it was used mostly in the military field. Some of the shots that survived after sixty years are the ones that you can see here, though there are still many, many more in private hands, which, I think, is not right because they are part of Humankind's Historic Patrimony and are above any selfish way to appropiate them.

Regardless of the country of issue, posters during World War II were designed to incite the citizenry at home to do their part in producing for the war effort.  It was the perfect propaganda tool in making the war aims the personal mission of every citizen.  During the war, both the government and the private sector issued a variety of posters joining the home front with the military front, in an effort to boost production at home and work and to encourage and promote patriotism. The images that involved the strongest responses usually focused around casting a woman as the central figure. Whether it be the sweetheart or young mother left at home to carry on, to the mother worrying about her son's safe return to the housewife pressed into the work sector, these images stand as a testament to the strength, the tenderness, the vitality of all women.  That, after all, is what every soldier was fighting for.  This site is dedicated to them.
. .

MAILSTROM: Brandon 1943

Enclosed find attached a photo taken at Brandon sometime in 1943.  My Dad is seated at the far right (Douglas Leadbetter) and on the far Left there is a cadet named "Buck" whom dad says was the real dare devil type. :)  Dad has been gracious enough to let me send you this jpg and says you can use it as you need to. I'll be also sending a physical reprint of this picture and a photo of my dad reciving his wings at Brandon for the musuem!
Paulie Leadbetter
PS. I showed dad the webpage when I was up visiting him this week and he told me about some of the things there! Such as how he did his first solo in the Tiger moth....


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