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David Westfall
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Rosie Colomb with three sonsRosie Colomb with three sonsVincent pihsa Colomb and Fr. Renaud
Veronique ColombHyacinth Linklater ~ George Nicholas ~ Dennis HunterHyacinth Linklater ~ George Nicholas ~ Dennis Hunter
Agnes ColombFrancois Bighetty ~ Moody Bighetty ~ Jimmy CaribouCatharine and Denys Castel
Suzette Francois ~ Nancy Dumas ~ Elizabeth Colomb

How the whiteman took care
William Bighetty ~ John Sinclair's HouseMaskiciois (a priest) ~ Thomas Colomb
Mary Ann Caribou ~ Dominique Hart ~ Alice Dumas ~ Joe ColombMarcel Colomb ~ Alphonse Dumas ~ Emile Caribou ~ Joe Bighetty ~ Brother Achille Talbot ~ Bishop Paul Dumouchel ~ Solomon Colomb ~ Alex Linklater ~ Leo Colomb ~ Joe Dumas's wife Annie ~ Beatrice Colomb
The First School ~ pilanEmile Caribou ~ Francois tsats Bighetty ~ Joseph Castel ~ Emile Sinclair ~Dog Team
Hyacinth Linklater (Akathoo)Log Building ConstructionCelestine Bighetty
Flora Dumas ~ Emile CaribouBen Colomb - Lawrence Colomb !~ Alphonse Dumas ~ Albert Francois ~ Albert Francois ~ Virginia Duams ~
Pukatawagan congregation
Interior of third church

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