1. Everlys | 2. Everlys Take 1 | 3. Everlys Reunion Concert  | 1961
Johnny is a joker [he's a bird)]
A very funny joker [he's a bird]
But when he jokes my honey [he's a dog]
His jokin' ain't so funny [what a dog]
Johnny is a joker that's a'tryin' to steal my honey
[he's a bird dog]

Johnny sings a love song [like a bird]
He sings the sweetest love song [ya ever heard]
But when he sings to my gal [what a howl]
To me he's just a wolf dog [on the prowl]
Johnny wants to fly away and puppy-love my baby
[he's a bird dog]

Hey, bird dog get away from my quail
Hey, bird dog you're on the wrong trail
Bird dog you better leave my lovey-dove alone
Hey, bird dog get away from my chick
Hey, bird dog you better get away quick
Bird dog you better find a chicken little of your own

Johnny kissed the teacher [he's a bird]
He tiptoed up to reach her [he's a bird]
Well he's the teacher's pet now [he's a dog]
What he wants he's been gettin' now [what a dog]
He even made the teacher let him sit next to my baby
[he's a bird dog]