Dust My Broom
Robert Johnson, Elmore James

    I'm gonna get up in the mornin',
    I believe I'll dust my broom (2x)
    Girlfriend, the black man you been lovin',
    girlfriend, can get my room

    I'm gon' write a letter,
    Telephone every town I know (2x)
    If I can't find her in West Helena,
    She must be in East Monroe, I know

    I don't want no woman,
    Wants every downtown man she meet (2x)
    She's a no good doney,
    They shouldn't 'low her on the street

    I believe, I believe I'll go back home (2x)
    You can mistreat me here, babe,
    But you can't when I go home

    I'm gon' call up Chiney,
    She is my good girl over there (2x)
    If I can't find her on Philippine's Island,
    She must be in Ethiopia somewhere