1. Elvis | 2. Jerry Lee Lewis | 3. Blues Bros | 4. Downchild |
1. Elvis 2. Big Joe Turner  | 3. Bill Haley
Now when I get the blues, I get me a rockin' chair x2
Well, if the blues overtake me gonna rock right away from here

Now when I get lonesome, I jump on the telephone x2
I call my baby, tell her  - I'm on my way back home

Now flip, flop and fly, I don't care if I die x2
Don't ever leave me, don't ever say goodbye

Give me one more kiss, hold it a long long time x2
Now love me baby, till the feelin' hits my head like wine

Here comes my baby, flashin' her new gold tooth x2
Well she's so small, she can mambo in a pay phone booth

I'm like a Mississippi bullfrog, sittin' on a hollow stump x2
I got so many women, I don't know which way to jump

Get outta that bed, wash your face and hands X2
Well, you get in that kitchen, make some noise with the pots 'n pans

Way you wear those dresses, the sun comes shinin' through
I can't believe my eyes, all that mess belongs to you

I believe to the soul you're the devil in nylon hose
Well, the more I work, the faster my money goes

I said shake, rattle and roll, Shake, rattle and roll
Well, you won't do right to save your doggone soul

I'm like a one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store
Well I can look at you till you ain't no child no more

I get over the hill and way down underneath
You make me roll my eyes, even make me grit my teeth