F#m                                                                  A
Tick-ing a-way the moments that make up a dull--day;

E                                                                          F#m
frit-ter and waste the hours--in an off-hand way;

Kick-ing a-round on a piece of ground--in your hometown;

E                                                                                              F#m
wait-ing  for some-one or some-thing to show_you the way.----

Dmaj7                                          Amaj7
Tired of ly--ing in the sun--shine, stay-ing home--to watch the rain,

Dmaj7                               Amaj7                                  Dmaj7
you are young and life is long,and there is time to kill to-day.

And then one day,you find--ten years have got be-hind you.

Bm7                           E                              F#m
No one told you when to run....You missed the start--ing gun.

Intro: Lead Guitar

F#m                                                                           A
run and you run-to catch up with the Sun, but it's sink-ing;

E                                                                  F#m
rac-ing a-round to come up be--hind you a--gain.

The Sun is the same in a rel-a-tive way, but you're old-er,

E                                                                    F#m
short-er of breath, and one-day clos-er to death.

Dmaj7                                                  Amaj7
Ev--'ry year is get--ing short-er, nev-er seem to find the time.

Dmaj7                                           Amaj7
Plans that ei-ther come to naught, or half a page of scrib-bled lines.

Dmaj7                                        C#m7                             Bm7
Hang-ing on in qui-et des--per-a---tion is the Eng-lish way. The time is gone.

The song is o--ver. Thought I'd some-thing more to say.

Dark Side of the Moon

Words & Music by : Roger Waters, Richard Wright, David Gilmour and Nicholas Mason

Rhythm: Moderately

Scale: A

Difficult Chords : (X=> Don't play that String,0=>Open String)

 F#m    Dmaj7    Amaj7    C#m7    Bm7     Bm7

Other Chords : In case you don't know the other chords...you shouldn't dare to play Pink Floyd!

Intro: Lead Guitar (with percussion)