Day Two
Friday, August 6, 2004
Here we go again!
Slept through a refreshing early morning rain, which hasn't stopped! Good thing we are performing at the Folk Festival on Saturday and Sunday and not today. While my coffee was brewing, I drove downtown to pick up China-Li, our daughter, from one of her three medicine-related summer jobs. She worked from midnight to 8 this morning.

As it was still raining, we demolished the last couple of pieces of banana cream pie for breakfast.  Took a bit of time to check out and respond to the queries regarding yesterday's lunch entry. Packed China her "crunchy lunch" of chicken and greens sandwich, fresh cauliflower, celery sticks, sweet pepper, and dessert of Babybel cheese and grapes. She then left for her day job at the city hospital. Bill and I processed the pictures and posted yesterday's supper log.

It's now mid-afternoon. I have ground beef marinating for tomorrow's dim sum meat balls. The fresh Shanghai noodles are cooked and cooling. By now, we were in need of sustanence. No time to cook for lunch, so I pulled some frozen joong (sticky rice in bamboo leaves) from the freezer. My Mom and I made 200 of these packets this summer.
Bill and I devoured one each, along with some Dragon tea.This tea was brought back from China by a friend who went on  a qi-gong tour. It was light and went well with the savory joong and chili oil. 

Hubby is itching to go buy new guitar strings and check in at the festival for our passes. So, I'd better get the pictures done up and post this!

Now, onto preparing shrimp dumplings, BBQ pork bao, sui mai, curry chicken in puff pastry.

For supper tonight, we are having lemongrass/cilantro/lime salmon, and something else ...

Well, supper was a bit of a rush as rehearsal for tomorrow's show was called for 8 p.m. Good thing I had the salmon with all the fixings preped and waiting in the fridge. I tend to forget time when I am making stuff  :-(
Instead of our usual jasmin rice, I cooked  basmati,  and steamed some asparagus. To prevent the banana leaf from burning, I placed the salmon bundles on top of foil on the BBQ.  Thirty minutes over  medium flame, it was ready to eat! I just drizzled melted butter on the asparagus and added  a sprinkle of coarse salt.  Diet Sprite  worked well with fish ;-)

Didn't get as much done as I wanted 'cos the phone kept ringing! I do have a cookie sheet full of beef meatballs. Made some sweet 'n' sour chicken drumettes from a Canadian cookbook series called Best of Bridge. I already had sticky rice in lotus leaf and bao in the freezer. Perhaps with some congee, this will suffice for lunch tomorrow.

Got home about half an hour ago. Having a couple of homemade old fashioned oatmeal, pecan and cranberry cookies with a glass of milk while we wait for our Japanese five-string bluegrass banjo player, Mitsu, to arrive.  Will probably run over his feature numbers before heading off to bed.

Daughter China will be playing Celtic harp and electronic bagpipes on the show. Guess we'll go over her selections when she gets home from her midnight to 8 a.m. shift!

Until tomorrow . . .


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