Part 2: Journal of the second 15 days

Bill ~ Sue-On ~ Kevin: From the Wilds of Canada

We took many hundreds of photos during our three performing tours of England.
Unfortunately they are all in slide format and until we can find 
an economical way of converting them to digital files 
the following journals will remain unillustrated.

Sue-On ~ Bill ~ Kevin: On Stage 1976

Venues Played in the Third & Fourth Weeks of the 
Hillman '76 Tour of England
With Bill Hillman's Personal Rating of Each Club

Dorman's Athletic Club - Middlesbrough ** *
High Spen Excelsior Club - Durham *****
Ferry Hill Village W/Mens Club *** *
Malleable Club - Stockton *** *
Brambles Farm British Legion *****
Whitby Football Club *****
Western Social Club - Middlesbrough ** *
Thirsk & Sowerby Club ***** 
(James Herriot's Darrowby)
Travaux Sport & Social Club - Catterick Army Garrison *
Free Day 1: Trip to Scotland
Free Day 2: Trip to Scotland
British Legion - Grangetown **
Middleton in Teesdale *****
Acklam Steel Works - Middlesbrough ***
Northallerton British Legion *****
New Marske Club *****
Marine Hotel - Saltburn *
Longlands Club - Whitehorse Hotel *****

Friday, July 16, 1976

** *
Dorman's Athletic - Oxford Rd - Mbro - (across road)

Up at 8:30 - wake Kevin -  unload bus of all equip onto front lawn and in for breakfast
Kev, Al & I plus Bette's friend's little boy from Scotland (David) pile into bus - gas 2 pounds at Shell
On to Silksworth club to meet Keith - into town - deposit bus
Keith got 25 pounds back (we had paid 70 - later pay Keith 56)
Back to Stockton & Thornaby in Keith's car (1/2 day off work) to Rent-A-Van to see if we can pick up van
No van till 4 pm so to Viponds.
Girls went with singer Colin Norvic to meet our agent Findley and then to shop
I go with Al and Keith - ate in Upton's Cafeteria: Plaise and chips poor - paid their's
Walked to Hunters for pay cheque - closed - band sign ready on Monday
Back home to lounge - sat - carried in groceries for Bette - over to rent van at 3:30
Keith went home - waited till 5 to get bus - 16 days 91 pounds - brakes weak but good power
Back at 5:30 for late supper
Yvonne Pollack had phoned form London, out of money and going home - can't come to see us
SO bought white show linen pants on sale 1@
Kevin can't get insurance to drive as he is under 21
New guy at supper (pork & egg pie): Scottish guitar spent 3 years in Ft. Churchill: Brian Gibson
Load gear into bus - cross street to huge barn-like club - set up
Relaxed before show with beer and lager & lime and Britvic orange juice as usual
So-so polite response
Fans told us that Bay City Rollers had played to similar so-so reaction last year
Dancing to end - compliments - pack up
Hurried to Fiesta Club in Stockton and saw Needles & Pins by Searchers
Scampi and chips - beer - danced to house band
Out to find gas at first place Keith took us to the first night, all night
Home - read - bed.

Saturday, July 17, 1976

PICTURES: quarry east of Spennymoor - miners' banner with drunk miners and mountie - miners' band and banner - miners going into church - view of Main Street crowd from hill - at bottom view of band - carnival shot - square where bands form up  and entertain before march through street - many in field just out of High Spen

High Spen - Excelsior Club - High Spen - Near Rolands Gill - Durham

Away to Spennymoor - missed turn off and took many pictures in country - stood on van
Into Spennymoor to drop Al off - Off to Durham Miners' Gala
Street closed out but found good spot by roadblock - walked in to Cathedral Square
Drunk young miners saluting the banner - three bands came up
We followed one of the bands into the Cathedral taking photos
Beautiful funeral type march - great sound in Cathedral - packed - didn't have time to stay
Left and got raspberry lollies - Castle closed today so downtown
More bands - many pop - soft ice cream - past jail to carnival grounds - many drunks
Walked through midway - interesting - much very similar to fairs at home
Fair food mainly chips, mince meat burgers, hot dog sausages - boxing sideshow -
Back to downtown - upstairs to Chinese restaurant
Ate our meal surrounded by loud drunk & partying Geordie men and women
Onlookers Amazed by chopsticks - brought a temporary hush - OK meal
Walk along river on way to bridge - very scenic - roofs of tile (slate) -
        continued along the river on the other side
Short cut to van - Off to High Spen via Consett - found club after 6
Killed time and film out in field nearby
Down a paved path across pasture thru thickets down dam to little stream  -
        remains of a swing there
Crossed stream, explored and back - Kevin attacked by "huge mad" dog
To club - beautiful new but long trip upstairs - many Findlay posters - "4 boys and a girl"
Great Show - fine crowd - good dancing - Keith and Marg there
        (brought Al at 8 as he had spent the day at home)
Talked to guy from Louisiana who had married Geordie girl
Followed Keith on way home but generator light on - dash shorted - a Bobby helped us
On to home but had lost Keith - stayed up till after 4 talking with guitar player
        Brian about the Shadows.

Sunday, July 18, 1976

*** *
Ferry Hill Village - W/Mens Club - Ferryhill Village (Danny O'Connor)

Up early to get to Lumley Castle by noon - Chester-Le-Street just off M-1
Had rum and coke in lounge - Keith late arrived 12:20
Norman & Elsie Jones (in wheelchair) - daughters Beverley oldest and Angela -
        Keith & Margaret & her mother
Roast beef & pudding, coffee (3) - nice but not in main dining room which is reserved
        for special Medieval meals
3 pounds each - many waiters - SO got 2 pictures - left after 1 1/2 hours
SO bought print and 2 goblets from desk - rooms not bad 9-14 pounds
I explored old towers and rooms, etc. got photos from turrents
Into car and on to Beamish open air museum - ran out of time
SO and I had changed to denim hoping to get album cover photos
Talked to old miner in museum who explained all
To Spennymoor for Tea at Margaret's: shrimp tarts, chicken sandwiches, cake,
        trifle, milk, tea - got photos
On to Ferry Hill - upstairs - dump stuff on street and then up - carried up Al's mother
Danny O'Connor on bill - looked and sounded Mexican - good singer/ guitarist with
        Gibson copy and real Gibson pickups
OK show - but we refused encore - they overpaid us - no room to dance
We at last met Aunt Nellie, a real fine person ~ Introduced Al as local boy
Phoned Chinese food order - SO excited because they had the same dialect
Ate at Keith's and saw Olympics from Montreal - girls up - Aunt Nellie and her
        friend Rhoda there - Norman & Elsie Jones
Home after SO and Marg did dishes - Kevin sick
Had planned trip to moors with Marg and girls but turn signal broken so must repair tomorrow
Gave Ian and Betty's Mandy a record for birthday.

Monday, July 19, 1976

*** *
Malleable Club - Morton Rd - Stockton

Quick breakfast - to Rent-A-Van - tightened battery cables and put in new fuse OK
Back to digs - gang talking to US Connecticut performer who lives here
Downtown - got agenda from Hunter & picked up our new linen sign
Got adapter for my razor - Jerry Lee, Everly and Vincent albums 6 at Hamilton's Music
Home to read and rest - read Emmanuelle - saw ad in today's paper for tonight's show
        "From Canada"
Al listened to radio he got from home - Sue-On did laundry
Ian Hughes DJ and brother Kevin celebrating Ian's birthday
He brought big bottle of wine - we supplied cake at supper
Ian and Kevin with us to club near Fiesta in Stockton - main floor easy pack
Saw most ugly man we have ever seen in window - revolting -
Vicious dog tied at back - put up new sign in front of Kevin's keyboards
Jackie ??? from Scotland shared the bill - good belter
Brian Findlay came running in as management had phoned to complain
Told him that we were displaying a Burrow-Hunter sign - they were blacklisted there.
Show was a disaster: broke string on first number and SO 2 sticks
SO played housie - Jackie had nice show but ran 15 minutes into our act
We packed whole last act into 15 minutes - no dancing but crowd excited
        Management sold two albums but kept the money - one was stolen -
Picture scrounger couple from Scotland bought one - Old girl with rhythm kissed me - ech
Packed up and to Indian restaurant: curry lamb and chicken, Indian bread, two soups
Ian and Kevin there - we were mistaken for Americans - home to Olympics and bed
Susanne phoned home collect - said she's staying another three weeks.

Tuesday, July 20, 1976

Brambles Farm British Legion - Turford Ave. - Brambles Farm - MBro

Downtown by 12:40 - dropped off Susanne to shop and change
        flight reservations to ours: Fly out to Canada August 17
Kevin had gone swimming to public bath with Ian Hughes and will meet later
We go to ABC Theatre to see Freebie and the Bean with James Caan and Alan Arkin
        plus Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee and John Saxon
Good entertainment for 90p - bought 90p of chocolate - out at 4:20 into rain
Coffee in Greek coffee shop - back to car to meet K&S - picked up tailored jeans
        at cleaning shop on way back supper
Joe and Bette Vipond just leaving for holiday in Tunisia - Colin Norvic filling in for them
Rest and over to Legion - on Redcar road - huge pool of water in front of door
Met Kevin, the guy who had approved our act at the last Legion
Another act on the bill: Dave Venture - once 1/2 of adagio team with wife
Venture now a vocal and comedy act (drummer also) - out in drag and
        sang "Me Cock's Me Own"
Great night, great response - sold Free Spirit - hall in semi circle around stage
Picked up Susanne and went to Enterprise with Venture for mousaka -
We talked over show biz and recording
Drunk ex-con won't pay bill - waitress won't let him out - he punches her -
        runs out - Bobbies arrive
Back home - Olympics on TV - read a bit.

Wednesday, July 21, 1976

Whitby Football Club - Upgang Lane - Whitby

Leave after usual wait for Kevin and Susan -
Sue-On has promised to pay Susan's room and board for a week
Drive down through Moors - many photos of sheep - moor fires - sheep shelters - BM - valleys
Stop at Rosedale - quaint old village - bought maps, etc. - tea and scones
        at snack bar (pub closed) - gas
Drove thru narrow paved roads - great beauty - followed bus - into Scarborough
Photos of resort area - much like Redcar - 4 photos - bought denim hat - SO bought charms
Plaice and Chips at restaurant - 1/2 as good as Whitby - down boardwalk for ice cream -
        left Al on beach
Back to car at 6 - on to Whitby on hilly winding road - 20 miles - thru middle of Whitby
Past Whitehorse to Upgang Lane - little army hut building - smallest yet - small stage - no organ
Not room for everyone on stage so I stood on floor
Sue-On borrowed stand from nearby drummer - great response - right with us
Elvis: The Way It Was on TV - 3 shows - last show ended after 11
Keith and Billy there - sold 2 albums - Al sat out the night - pack up and back to Mbro
Followed Keith and then took over and lost them - drove around town for an hour after but gave up
They had gone to Billingham for gas - we returned to bed
Keith, Billy, Sue-On and Susan in car.

Thursday, July 22, 1976

** *
Western Social Club - Union St. - Mbro

Breakfast of egg, beans and SAUSAGES ech - shower & listened to Alan's radio while doing diary
Into bus and downtown to waterfront photos of ships, tugs, channel, bridge - in and around whole front
Returned early to drop off Kevin and Susan at park - SO did hair & wrote postcards for Alan
Supper at 4:30: mince stew, pears
Over to club - new round building - beautiful - Roadie Susanne read book in back all night
Two 45 minute shows - worked hard on them and got crowd - young blase crowd
Good house band of organ and drums - SO forced Kevin into buying first round
Many dancers in last set - no enthusiasm - wall graffitti summed it up
        "Thanks to Madame Tussaud's for half the audience."
Lazy MC - SO broke drum pedal - off - we refused encore -
After the show, the steward had big boxer going around eating plate remains
Cliff Ledyard local country act - coming next
Dropped off Al who had pulled muscle in neck
Over to 21 Club in Stockton where Ian Hughes working as disco DJ.
His girlfriend Janet was there and brother Kevin - bought round 1.7
Ate American double decker (single small hamburger) - danced - small place with good atmosphere
Lights on dancers - Ian did good job - bought him a drink and all rounds again
Home at 1:30 - Kevin and Susan home later.

Friday, July 23, 1976

Thirsk & Sowerby Club - The Flats Off High St. - Thirsk
Sunny - Cloud cover that ended in rain
PHOTO: Cleveland Hills potatoes and grain - sheep and tree stump - valley - pbu - antique place - Helmsley Castle shots - inside Thirsk club

Same bean breakfast
Letter from Grandma Hillman - told where her father had lived and was born:
Family farm at Westmorland County, Kendal - Kirby Lonsdale P.O. - Farm is Akrigg Green
Brian Findlay called asking if we got extra 15 pounds at Ferry Hill
Drove down west side of moors - Cleveland Hills - beautiful country
Stopped at pub - slot machine - Juke box: Combine Harvester by the Wurzels
Also: One Piece at a Time by Johnny Cash - Fifth of Beethoven -
        I Recall a Gypsy Woman by Don Williams
Urinated in cement room with gutter all around then drove southward
Antique sign - quaint shop in old blacksmith shop with forge, bellows, etc.
Kevin bought walking stick - Susanne two crystal glasses - SO 4 Chinese markers
Beautiful yard with much Chinese stuff
South to Helmsley - bought Alan denim in market - fish & chips - bought antique maps upstairs
Walked to castle - booklet, cards, photos - much ruins but still good rooms left
51 Bentley parked outside castle
Kevin talked to owners - SO showed Al around - rain on way back to van - to Thirsk
Deep drop down from "plateau" - drove around Thirsk to find James Herriot's vet office
Disappointed that Doc Whyte not in
Went across the street to see the Herriot museum of antique vet instruments
Found club in the rain - into club from back through cow pasture
Building a nice 30s style country club - scared new MC in tux
Other act showed up: Steve Ross with bride and wedding party - confetti in hair
Small but great crowd - started late and went to 12
Brian Findlay the agent was there - he bought round
Thunderous crowd - crowd forced Alan up - we went to sing Auld Lan Syne -
        crowd cheering - photos - sold 2 albums
Steve wanted one - said we would send - gave Findlay 3 - Brian tipsy and ended up on drums
Club management locked the door to keep constable out and we played way
        overtime into the wee hours
Ate rest of Vipond picnic lunch on way home: corn beef and cheese
Kevin lost in back of van reading map - great day.

Saturday, July 24, 1976

Travaux Sport and Social Club - Dane Rd - Catterick Garrison
Rain start - Sun  finish

To Darlington and Barnard Castle area (Raby Castle)
Kevin made navigation mistakes and spent day by self moping : ) - Many photos
Toured castle 50p and book & souvenirs - good stuff
Ended up in garden picking and eating raspberries
Walked through cricket match - tea, ginger cake scones (on way we ate lunch
            packed by house: cheese & corn beef)
Over to Richmond to see Easby Abbey ruins - got book - followed map - photos -
        over to town for gas
Walked around castle - to Catterick - tiny club - no organ or drums - dumpy - set up
Keith, Margaret, civil engineer friend Gordon and Margaret Vester, Billy and Judith Turner
Three likely lads went out for fish and chips - man stormed into shop looking for
        owner of red van (ours)
Man claimed careless passengers had scratched his car with door of van - Wanted 15 pounds -
        I said no - see insurance - first accident of tour and it was caused by backseat drivers
Back to club - no MC - no dressing room - no people - no nothing - drums broke - ugly people
I dismissed crowd and played for dance instead - very undesirable management
Many fans want to know where we play next though
We gave Gord and Billy album (Billy the black #4 - Gord the original #5)
Packed up - drove through fog - followed Gord to Hellinique Greek Restaurant
Enterprise still the best
Keith and Billy lost and late - good mousaka night - fun - home in hilarity.

Sunday, July 25, 1976

Free Day
Trip to Scotland

Away at noon - Alan stayed because Keith is picking him up to take to parents
To Darlington - M-1 South and across to West Coast - bought Esso set of maps
Up to Gretna Green - gas - filled front right tire and ate picnic by the church
Kevin forgot walking stick so we drove back to pick it up then north to Glasgow
Scotland is much like home in architecture and much of country - sparsely populated
Much of Glasgow very slummy and old but we finally found downtown - nice
Theatres closed so we went to Marigold for Chinese meal - good but unfriendly
North we go to Loch Lomond - sail boats - swarming tourists - twisting road along Loch
Gas at Strath Lomond - jockey has two sisters working at University in Winnipeg - Spence St.
Nice tourist hotel - Kevin came to the rescue, translating for French couple at the desk.
North along road to Crian...??? - 5 pounds per person per night -
Charged 2.50 for tea that they offered!
Fine old hotel - Kevin and Susan slept in lot in van but used our facilities
Bath - wash hair - read - day of hard driving on Loch road that was so narrow and winding.

Monday, July 26, 1976

Scotland Trip

Knocked up at 7:30 - wash up - woke Kev and Susan
Breakfast: porridge, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee pot - pay up
Drove into open country: rolling highlands - pictures - mountains - highlander, etc.
Stopped at town at bottom of Loch Ness: coffee, pee, pastry, postcards photos
On road again - narrow and winding - to north of Loch Ness headland
Photos of Kevin posing as Nessie monster in the Loch - down to water - waded
Back up into Inverness - slow travel - stopped just to north for gas and lollie
On to Blair Castle - booklet and slides - souvenirs - good castle - good treasures
Down to Edinburgh - drove around - walked streets - pictures - bought souvenirs by bridge -
        sweater, tea muff
Listened to band in park down below and tried Spanish restaurant but full
To Angus Steak House chain - cheap steak - I had Angus - OK - Lager & lime
Drove around city looking for way south and hotel - gas - south - tried places but no one would open
Finally found The Eagle in Lauder - owners, a young London couple, were partying with guests
They had a farty Great Dane dog - horses out back - offered riding tours for 4 pounds each
Kev and Susan slept in bus
Talked over free coffee and then up to bed - tired - SO getting bad cold.
SO NOTE: On way to Edinburg Susan realized that her Aunt was in Glasgow and not Edinburg.
        We rushed trip to get to see her aunt. Should have checked before we left.

Tuesday, July 27, 1976

British Legion - Grangetown - Derwant Water Rd. - Mbro
(originally to be Port Transport Club - Southfield Rd. - Mbro

Up at 8:30 for breakfast in upstairs dining room: (dummy waiter) coffee, sausages, eggs, juice
Woke Kev and Susan in the van - they washed in public lavatory & buy fruit for breakfast
Take more photos - on road down to Newcastle - near miss with passing car
Park van - fair going on - blimp on grounds - look for van we can take to London -
        phone calls but no one-way rentals
Shop - SO sleeping in bus with bad cold - leave at 2:30
Onto freeway and home PDQQ - have to rest
Waiting for us are 2 letters from home - Mom and Pollacks
Supper and load equipment at quarter to seven
Arrive at Transport Club after 7 - we're not on the bill - phone Joe - slipup
We're actually in British Legion Grangetown
Rush set up - other performer was Lurch Martini - pain in ass at start -
We are warm up and dance set - even tho top of bill
Open to average audience - Dracula on with tons of copycat echo - funny and audience loved it
Management cool to us but fawn over him
Legionaire comes up to Kevin to tell him to cut his hair
We finish to so-so audience - Keith there to help pack
To Enterprise: lamb cutlets OK - all male staff this time
Kevin had gone home to join Susan and didn't come.

Wednesday, July 28, 1976

Middleton in Teesdale (want to book us privately)

Go to Hunters - talked to Borrow - let Sue-On sleep for a while
Left for Darlington and Barnard Castle - to Bowes Museum - 20p -
Susan and Kev downtown to market and got wine and cheese
Beautiful museum - showed Al around then on to Middleton - all closed but had
        fish and chips at Bridge Inn
To club at 7:00 OK - easy in / easy out - MC had disco setup - played to fantastic audience
Al's parents, Marg and Keith, Bill and Mona Johnson (butcher from Spennymoor) and their
        daughter-in-law Vivian, Aunt Dorothy
Much applause and appreciation - sold albums but many give-aways too Club bought album -
        bonus one - gave bonus 2.50 as they were tickled
SO's mike broke but we still did well - pack and on to Bill and Mona's for lunch
Johnson's had just visited Yugoslavia (son in army in N. Ireland)
Home we go (police stopped to question - break ins)
Our supper was in oven (liver) but we don't want it now
Borrow phoned - said he found someone with van to drive us down to London: Mick Sandbrook
Phoned Mick in Stockton - from band Innervisions - will get van -
        pick us up at Rent-a-Van - drive down will cost about 30.

Thursday, July 29, 1976

Acklam Steel Works - Park Rd. - Mbro

Kev and I went early to Borrow-Hunter
Got extra Saturday booking in Saltburn - no docked pay for Scotland
To ABC Theatre to see Confessions of a Pop Performer - sex comedy - and Shampoo
Sue-On doing laundry at home
Home at 5:00 - stew - fire in vicinity so much smoke - fixed mike with Colin's soldering gun
Had a hard time finding the club - set up - Mr. Guitar Man on the bill: Leil Edwards -
        mediocre rhythm guitarist
(SO NOTE: Willie showed him up completely)
Mick, John and Brian of Innervisions visited us to talk over London trip -
(SO NOTE: Three crazy guys - John much like Kerry Morris.)
Susan's not feeling well. We had a good night.
Entertainment Chairman, however, was a grouchy old man - he wanted us to pack up in 10 minutes
Willie went with Leil to his van to see his H&H amp
Leil's set was cut by 10 minutes - nice fella
All boys helped pack up - load - and 3 cars headed for Enterprize for "coffee" as usual.
For the first time we had seating upstairs and it was very private.
Boxer-waitress's sister was there. Said boxer on holidays.
Crazy time: All tap-danced... not queers!! 3 guys in little mini truck - Got Mance??? As souvenir

Friday, July 30, 1976

Northallerton British Legion

To Borrow with Al to do final business
Left right after tea for North Allerton - Tried to find Harlsey Castle -
One-lane roads through farmers' yards
Took a dirt road through a field chasing families of prairie chickens -
        Kevin out  to lift them off the trail
We got stuck trying to turn around - stuck between wet grass and fence -
        and had to push our way out.
On our way - scenic country - into Legion - warned me that we must not be loud -
        but turned out to be a real great night
We were the only ones on bill - everyone happy and beaming
Sue-On and Susan bought a box of cucumbers, cabbage, etc. and I played my
        first and last game of bingo
Sold many records - gave out all pictures - good shows
House band had an old jazz drummer Ron and local municipal (archives) clerk
        Ernie on organ - great enthusiasm after
Packed up and drove to greasy spoon next to Enterprise but closed, so...
        to Enterprise: lamb chops - home to bed.

Saturday, July 31, 1976

DOUBLE HEADER: New Marske Club - Gurney St. - New Marske
Marine Hotel - Saltburn 12-1   *
Sunny and warm

Starting to pack - drove roomer Ted Epworth to Port Transport Club to get Gable-Clark gear
Brian working on Gable & Clark broken car
After 1:30 Keith, Marg, girls and Alan show up to spend the day at Redcar
We promise to take Ted and their gear to Hartlepool and meet Keith
        later trouble finding Coop??? Club
Found large Corporation Club instead (but the Searchers were playing there)
Finally got to Redcar 10 minutes late and met others at Coatham Bowl
Walked to indoor amusements and all rode dodgem cars - girls rode tilt-a-whirl -
        gambled - played soccer machine - gamble shoot - ghost ride
Al, Marg and I went back to the car while the rest rode boats in the pond
Keith and Sue-On's boat stopped on them - took pictures - Kicked around soccer ball
Then off to Saltburn to find club - tiny hole  - no drums or organ - manager counting heads -
Not a good feel here
On to New Marske club - big with balcony - seats over 400 - repairman working on organ
We went out for Chinese takeaway paid for by the band - back to club - set up then ate
Started at 8:30 - rave-up place with great crowd - many albums - standing ovation encore
Did a rush pack up and hurried over to disco - set up - weirdo crowd - some applause
        then return to dancing
Tipsy girl from Chatham, Ann Boges (later, back home, saw her on CTV network game show)
DJ introed us - some good fans there but generally depressing - pack up -
Keith took Al home while 4 of us went to Viponds' for tea and toast.

Sunday, August 1, 1976

Longlands Club - Longlands Roundabout - Mbro (Whitehorse Hotel)

Sue-On and I drove back to New Marske club to return the stand their drummer
        had lent us last night for the disco job
1:30 Kevin, John Grace (lead guitar from Clockwork Toys) and I go downtown to Odeon
        to see ERB's At the Earth's Core
No showing till 4:30 so we go for a drink in the Highland? Hotel
Chat and learn that John has been playing pro for 10 years
Back home - pack up many mags - sold two records to Gable and Clark @1.50
Ready to roll - study London map and head for the club - a good-sized average style
Susan stayed home to pack - Keith and Marg came dressed up
Crowd great and we sold all the albums we had left -
MC Frank was a lot of fun and we used him to get response - great wind-up
Pack up and over to Enterprise to celebrate upstairs - lager & lime
4 drunks singing at next table gave great atmosphere - mousaka - happy singing night -
        a great windup
Back to house for tea and goodbyes.

Continued in Part 3

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