The Office, Dining Room, Sitting Room and Dispensary

The Sitting Room
Comfortably furnished, the Sitting Room was a place to relax surrounded by books and music.

Here Alf would listen to the radiogram, Bing Crosby's Careless Hands being a particular favourite. Mrs. Wight would sit and mend. 

The children, Jim and Rosie, would play with home-made toys or the family would play cards, draughts or games such as Ludo or Monopoly.

The  Dining Room and Office
The Dining Room had a dual role when the Wight family lived here. It was used as a dining room on special occasions only. 

During the week it was used as an office, a secretary sitting at the desk to the left of the window, typing and preparing accounts. 

It would also serve as a waiting room for clients coming to see the vets to settle their accounts and for veterinary representatives.