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Views of Old Korea
3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery One
Ancient Korea in 3D: Gallery One

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Pottery Peddlers on the Streets of Seoul

Korean Charcoal Carriers

House building in Korea -- stone and mud wall against a frame of grass ropes -- Seoul


Plowing Scene near Keijo (Seoul) - a Korean Farmer in His White Costume

Natives Praying to Wooden Devils

Family and Thatched Hut of Peasant - Seoul

Unloading a Japanese Transport

A popular laundry near Seoul, along the raod leading to the Northern Gate

The main street, looking N. E. to the Roman Catholic Church - Chemulpo -- Korea's most important seaport

Women of Chosen (Korea) with Coach and Bearer

Dancing Girls of Chosen (Korea)

A Narrow Busy Street, Ping Yang. Note the woman in the foreground
with her enormous summer hat -- the man behind with his small one-- 1904


View from the City Wall -- Seoul.
Following the wall with one's eyes it may be traced to the main gate and beyond right up to the mountain.

Granite Lion before the Gateway to the old Royal Palace -- looking north -- Seoul

East Gate and Walls of the City - Seoul.
The walls of the city are in a very dilapidated state and would offer no obstruction to modern guns.


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