1958 - Egmond 1956 sunburst steel-string:
The Quarrymen - Paul McCartney’s band
George's father bought this first guitar for him for £3.50.
In 2003 it fetched £276,000 at a London auction. 

1958 - Hofner President, f-hole sunburst acoustic, single cutaway:
Played early club days

1959: Hofner Club 40 - Model: 244:
Played early club days.

1959: Hofner Delicia Resonet Futurama in red sunburst:
Played 1960 Scotland tour and Hamburg -  recording Cry for a Shadow

1961: Gretch 6128 Duo Jet, semi-solid mahogany black body with silver scratch plate:
Played Cavern and Hamburg.

1962: Gibson J-160E, electrified Jumbo acoustic:
Played  ‘With the Beatles’, ‘Please Please Me’ and ‘Sgts Pepper’ sessions.

1963: Gretch 6131 Jet Fire Bird - red with black scratch plate:
Played Cavern Club rehearsals

1963: Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman:
Recorded ‘She Loves You’ and ‘With The Beatles’.

1963: Maton Mastersound MS-500, Australian solid-body:
George used the guitar in the summer of 1963 when he had it on loan from Barratt’s Music Store, in Manchester.
His Gretsch Country Gentleman was experiencing problems and was taken to Barratt's for repair.
The Country Gent was returned to him the same day, but Harrison held onto the Maton
and played it at Beatles' concert in Margate Winter Gardens (July 8 to 13)
and  Liverpool's Grafton Rooms (August 2), at a photo call at the Liverpool Cavern (August 3)
and when the Beatles played Guernsey, Channel Island (August 6–10).

1963: Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman:
Played '64 and '65 US tour and Ed Sullivan Show.

1963: Gretsch 6119 Tennessean:
Played ‘For Sale’ and ‘Sgt Pepper’ sessions and '64 and '65 tours.

1963: Jose Ramirez Guitarra Estudio acoustic with nylon strings:
Played ‘Til There Was You’ and ‘I love Her.’

1963: Rickenbacker 425 Fire-glo:
Played on TV for ‘Ready Steady Go’ and ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars.’

1964: Rickenbacker 360-12 Fire-glo, electric 12-string:
Rrecorded ‘I should Have Known Better’, ‘I call Your Name’ and ‘Hard Days Night.’

1965: Rickenbacker 360-12 Fire-glo:
Played at Live performances and recorded ‘If I needed Someone’.

1965: Russian acoustic guitars presented to George and the Beatles

In early 1965, John Lennon and George Harrison dispatched their roadie, Mal Evans, to purchase two Fender Stratocasters.
Beatles manager Brian Epstein apparently offered to pay for both guitars, as long as they were a matching set.
Soon, Evans appeared with two nearly identical pale blue “Strats” in a rare factory custom color, officially called Sonic Blue.
The only difference between the two guitars were, Lennon’s neck wood was plainer while Harrison’s had distinct figuring and flaming.

1965: Fender Stratocaster painted psychedelic (Rocky):
Played on ‘Nowhere Man,’‘Rubber Soul’ sessions, ‘All you Need is Love’, ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and ‘I am A Walrus.’.

1965: Gibson ES-345-TD – Colour: tobacco sunburst:
Played on ‘Daytripper’ and ‘We Can Work it Out’ along with '65 UK tour and in picture on 'Help' film.

1965: Sitar

1966: Epiphone ES230TD Casino sunburst electric semi-acoustic:
Played on ‘Sgt Pepper’ sessions, ’Hello Goodbye’ and tours.

1966: A '64 Gibson SG Cherry Red Standard:
Played on ‘Revolver’ sessions and ‘Lady Madonna’ promo film.
It was also used by John Lennon during the White Album sessions.
The guitar was sold in a New York auction in December 2015 for £294,000. 

1966: Burns Nu-sonic Bass:
Played on ‘Paperback Writer’ recording.

1968: Gibson J-200 Acoustic jumbo:
Recorded ‘Let it Be’, ‘Here Comes the Sun’ on ‘White Album’ sessions.

1968: Gibson Les Paul Standard "Lucy" from Eric Clapton:
Played on ‘Let it Be’ and ‘Abbey Road’ sessions.

1969: Fender Telecaster one of two ever made from Fender:
Played on ‘Let it Be’ sessions and ‘the rooftop’ concert.

“You know, I’ve always wanted one of them orange Gretsches with a big ‘G’ stamped on it. I finally got one - my wife got me the one I used on the Carl Perkins program for Christmas a couple of years ago - except it didn’t have a ‘G’ on it.” 
- George Harrison, Guitar Player, November 1987

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