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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
2. To Wal-Mart and Back
Be still my racing heart!
And, a big food section for moi! 
I'm in heaven AND hell as I can't buy anything:-(
There are several floors to this supercentre. 
This is the first floor with appliances, kitchenwares. 
I actually by-passed this in favour of. . .
. . . the "downscalator" to the food section! 
These are great as you can take your shopping cart down 
without it becoming a runaway cart!
A giant mushroom display 
for the various kinds available.
The dried fruit snacks, nuts section. 
Oh the choices!
products NOT made in China
There are sales ladies throughout the store, 
and they demonstrate everything. 
This group was selling yogurt - 
one for frozen kinds, one for soft variety, 
another for yogurt drinks. 
They were fascinated with Bill 
but I got MY picture taken instead. 
After all, I AM the foodie in the family!
One of the several walls of frozen meats: 
Peking duck, 5-spice chicken, 
all just thaw, reheat and eat!
Fish heads, 
a popular cut for steaming,
Not sure of the variety but what a pretty display.
If fresh is not on the menu, here are the dried ones.
I loved this section: wind-cured meats - 
Chinese sausage, bacon, pressed duck...sigh...
Pickles of all kinds! 
There must have been 6 display cases.
THIS was really my favourite. 
Admired with great regret as 
we couldn't take any back to the hotel to eat: 
braised trotters and beef tendons!
But, Bill was happy to locate the beer wall.
This is jackfruit. 
We ate these off the trees in Edah and Kerry's yard. 
Kinda big?
After looking at all the food, we needed lunch. 
The servers didn't speak any English 
but finally arrived at 2 different items - both good. 
Can this vehicle be a "paddy wagon"?
Spicy beef and rice.
Horfun in soup.
We could really make use of this place 
after our daily walks!
Parking is at a premium. 
Often, cars share space with pedestrians on the sidewalks.
Enjoying a bit of quiet time 
over a bowl of noodles for lunch.
Back at the hotel, we decided to 
explore the entertainment facilities down in the basement. 
This corridor led to the KLTV, 
enormous swimming pool and spa,
squash court, and billards room.
Apparently, one must have "special requests" 
in order to enter this KLTV...
Looked like hired escorts are the prerequisite  ;-)


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