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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 4: SUMMER PALACE ~ Part II
The stone scupture in front of the Hall of Jade Ripples.
This was used after the failed Reform Movement in 1898. 
Emperor Guagxu, who advocated 
reform of the outdated feudal system was 
put under house arrest here by Empress Dowager Cixi.
The bedroom
The study with the ornate desk
Hall of Benevolence and Longevity
One can burn a lot of incense in these.
This bronze urn is not mainly for decoration.
There are many of these distributed 
all around the wooden structures, for fighting fires. 
The urns are always kept filled with water. 
The base is hollow with an opening. 
Hot coal is kept there to keep 
the water from freezing in the winter.
The dragon and the phoenix at 
the Hall of Happiness and Longevity.
A brief respite in the peony garden. 
The time between April and May is
peony and plum blossom time in China.
These are beautiful, 
one of a few still blooming, 
waiting for us!
Walking along the lake, we came up water painters. 
These artists use a big brush 
attached to a water bottle at the top.
One must catch this ephemeral art form 
s it is being created. 
There were several artists at work: 
traditional calligraphy, simplied characters, 
stylistic letters, or, animals as seen here.
Water calligrapher at work.
Seems such a shame to have this 
gone in minutes with the sun. 
His hand movements seem so effortless!
This flamboyant character was refilling his brush. 
I told him he looked handsome, 
and he blushed and used sign language to say, 
"Silly woman! I am too old!"
Gorgeous purple wisteria, 
another symbol of the beauty of 
the classical Chinese garden.
Plum blossoms are in full bloom.
As with Japanese cherry blossom time,
these also draw many local vistors with their cameras.
Kunming Lake provides 
a beautiful backdrop for many pictures.
A Chinese Inutsuk?
This led us to a breathtaking pavilion !
Picture perfect!


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