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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Music Everywhere
The Pavilion on the Lake 
was made more perfect by the gathering of ...
MUSICIANS!!! I think they were playing
a Viennese waltz in this combination.
As we approached, we could
hear the swelling chorus as 
the group performed a traditional patriotic song.
The combination of musical instruments 
didn't seem to follow any rules, 
and they all sounded great together.
An erhu, a Chinese 2-stringed fiddle 
and an accordion - 
who would have thought?
Of course Bill was immediately drawn to the guitar man. 
Our guide asked if Bill played a similar kind of guitar, 
and what kind of music he played. 
"Do you play any Beatles songs?"
Bill explained that we play all kinds of music, 
rockabilly, blues, country, and even played 
in a Beatles tribute band as John Lennon.
A duo harmonizing accompanied by the accordion.
When the guitarist put down his instrument
our guide asked if Bill would join them on guitar.
Bill declined : )
This was a different kind of "guitar".
The Long Gallery:
a 728-meters-long covered walkway, 
containing 14,000 paintings. 
The corridor was built by an emperor in the 1700's 
for his mother, so she could walk outdoors 
and view the garden in rain or snow. 
The corridor runs parallel to Kunming Lake.
One example of the paintings 
on the beams and cross beams. 
The paintings were to protect the wood 
from insects, rain, wind and sunlight. 
The paints were made from the raw colours of minerals.
From the walkway, 
we could see many activities in the open spaces. 
There were tai-chi demonstrations 
as well as folks just practising. 
From Longevity Hill,
a chorus of voices accompanied by drums 
resonated over the woodlands.
Signage is abundant 
to direct visitors to various sites.
Remember what Bill told Joseph 
about having played in a Beatles tribute band?
This was a classic example of lost in translation 
when a group of students, being curious,
asked about the white guy in a commando camouflage hat. 
Next thing we knew, Bill was swarmed by the students,
all flashing their Smartphones, shouting John Lennon, 
and getting Bill's autograph on 
every imaginable pieces of paper!
It was quite a chore exticating the celebrity
from his adoring fans ;-)
YunHui Yuyu Archway
Anyone for pedal boats? 
You can take one of these and
spend a lesisurly hour of two going around the lake, 
or hire a private boat, or take a ride on a dragon boat.
One of the dragon boats for a cruise
Bill, Joseph and I took this boat 
to reach the "other side" for our exit gate.
The view was beautiful, 
and despite the mass of tourists, serene.
A great variety of conveyances over the lake
Do we look relaxed? 
We certainly enjoyed the view 
AND the sit down to rest our feet! 
A cool beer and tea would have been most welcomed.
Bill, again, was the sole caucasian...
A pavilion along the lake
Buddhist Temple of the 
Sea of Wisdom on Longevity Hill
The exit!


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