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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 10:
Sights on the road to Tiananmen Square
Morning of Monday, May 6, 2013
Our tour guide Jerry (in the white T-shirt) gathered all 31 of us for the first day of our tour. 
Can you believe this: over half of our group is of Chinese descent, 
and none of us could speak Mandarin. 
Jerry's English is good. 
The young lady behind my left shoulder, in the white shirt is our photographer. 
Her name sounds like "Meow" and she speaks a little English.
We're on our way to Tiananmen Square in the air-conditioned bus. 
It felt great as it was 34C outside. 
The smog is quite visible but 50% better than the month before we arrived.
Beijing is continuously building, building, building...
Everyone is employed somewhat. 
They try to keep the environment clean, well, at least the streets.
This is a common sight all over the city - 
cranes building, bulldozers clearing sites...
"Skills School" but not sure of what kinds of skills are offered.
Who says you have to spend $$$ for a baby stroller?
Modern street cleaning machine versus...
. . . manual street cleaning. 
Wait...I'm working on the wrong street!?
Jerry "lays down the law" with his yellow Nexus flag. 
We've seen this in movies 
but never thought we'd be following the little yellow flag.
It's not as easy as you'd think as there are dozens of little yellow flags 
all at the same place with different groups!


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