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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 13: Forbidden City I
Forbidden City, viewed from Jingshan Hill to the north

 The view of the entrance to The Forbidden City from Tiananmen Square.
 The water fountain looked so cool...
almost wanted to stand under the spray and forget about the tour!
 As with all important buildings, historical sites, the ever-present protectors 
- the lions on either side of the main access.
 The Outer Golden Water Bridge that crosses the Golden Water River. 
This river flows through the inner courtyard.
 The approach to the entrance. 
Mao Tse Tong's portrait is huge!
It is not the original painting, which was defaced during a demonstration.
 This backdrop must be in hundreds of thousands of tourist pictures.
 We were such a small part of this huge crowd!
It was a hot day, and the haze is from the smog.
 The gate tunnel into the outer courtyard. 
As it was such a hot sunny day, 
our pal Kerry decided he'd better buy a cap from this vendor.
 The man was selling "communist hats" as well as 
old traditional hats worn by the aristocracy of old.
 Guess which hat Kerry bought! 
He tried to fit in with the locals, 
but somehow...
 Several food and beverage trucks were on hand to provide sustenance.
 The long buildings seen in the background 
are accommodations for officials whenever they came on business.
 Outer buildings...
 We waited while our guide went to purchase our tickets. 
We will enter through the Meridian Gate.
 Regardless of headgear, I could still find Bill in the crowd. 
For him to find me...
that's a little more difficult ;-)
 This was a woman of mystery! 
After watching her for a while, we realized she was collecting recyclable material. 
Not sure whether this is an actual uniform or her own styling...
Someone take a picture of the four of us!
 Jerry our guide is back with the tickets and his little yellow Nexus flag. 
He tells us our meeting time and place.
 To access the outer court, there are five marble bridges
that span the Inner Golden Water River, 
which flows through the courtyard.
 The bridges are a tad older than I;-)
 The Hall of Supreme Harmony 
occupies a prominent position in the outer court.


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