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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 18:

 It's quite a walk all the way around, with a diameter of 36 meters. 
On one side, we were able to get a glimpse of the interior through the openings. 
The back part was shuttered.
 I couldn't resist the opportunity to practice a bit of Tai-chi at this place of energy!
 Monks make pilgrimages to these grounds. 
It's always incredible to see these folks 
with cell phones, cameras, or iPads in hand.
 What a contrast, from the top terrace of this ancient building, 
looking out to a modern city of so many highrises.
 Old and new co-existing...
 The gate to the Imperial Vault of Heaven. 
This is a single-gabled circular building, 
built on a single level of marble stone base.
It is surrounded by a smooth circular wall,
the Echo Wall, that can transmit sounds over a large distance.
 Looking out onto the West Annex building.
 The East Annex building
 The Seventy-Year-Old Door: 
The door was put into the wall west of the Imperial Hall of Heaven 
to shorten the distance that 70 year old Emperor Qianlong 
would have to walk to the ceremony. 
To prevent his offspring from abusing this convenience, 
the Emperor decreed that his offspring must reach the age of 70
before he may enter and exit from this door. 
Thus the name of the door.
 Yup... Bill may use this door :-)
 Can he lift these? 
Don't imagine he could smuggle these out easily!
 There are various buildings on the grounds: 
The Imperial Vault of Heaven which is a single-gabled circular building, 
East and West Annex, and some are used to preserve items of significance.
 Every day, groups of people spend time on the grounds in leisurely activities.
 This was an interesting instrument - 
Chinese bagpipes? 
Didn't really hear a full tune as 
his playing was being interrupted by his game of Chinese Chess!
 These chess pieces are represented by Chinese characters.
 A young mother rests with her little one in the cool shade.
 The beautiful plum blossoms 
provide the perfect backdrop to record another great day.


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