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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 19:
The Jade Centre of Asia
 The last destination on our first day with the tour group is the Jade Centre of Asia. 
On the route to the jade showroom there is a bit of excitement 
when we thought we recognized the famous "pants building." 
We were disappointed to learn that this one was only a "pants wannabe." 
Nevertheless, an impressive structure.
 This cluster of high rises, 
is another example of the amazing number of apartments 
needed for the people of Beijing. 
This is just one "row". 
There are several more behind these.
There are literally thousands of similar buildings in the area.
 The entrance to the Jade Centre. 
All the stops on our "shopping tour" are supposedly controlled by the government. 
The prices are "fixed" but there is ALWAYS room for bartering ;-)
 The enticements to buy start at the very entrance. 
A beautiful mural oversees display cases of exquisite jade carvings.
 The main doorway showcases a large piece of white jade.
 The grand staircase is flanked by a wall of bas-relief in jade.
 A carver at work. 
The owner (artist in residence) designs the sculptures, 
and these carvers produce the pieces.
 The showroom or exhibition hall 
has hundreds of large and small items on display, 
some in glass cases, 
some of the mass produced items are on shelves at the far end of the room.
 Jade, as most people assume, is green, 
but there are so many different colours and kinds:
jadite, jade stone, etc
 A pair of lions to guard your front door, 
or perhaps a pair of cranes?
 This would be a beautiful piece for someone into mystical creatures, 
a baby dragon just hatching from its shell.
 A pair of traditional battle axes
 The details in this "landscape" are precise and delicate
 A screen with jade carving motifs.
 A basin for the garden? 
Yes, no photos, but no one seems to take notice.
 It's quite remarkable how the intensity can be captured so well in this medium.
 Bill was quite taken by this detailed carving of a Chinese ship. 
Could it be a model of the ones that sailed forth to explore the world 
in Gavin Menzies' controversial book "1421: The Year China Discovered the World", 
in which he asserts that the fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng 
visited the Americas prior to European explorer Christopher Columbus.
 On the exit side from the exhibition hall, 
there is a bronze tableau of craftsmen, 
each working at different stages of the production for these jade sculptures.
 More bronze craftsmen.
 Here, two workers are sawing a large piece of "jade" to be turned into art.
 A jade bullfrog sits in the garden.
 A fruitful effort :-)
 It was an educational and entertaining tour of the facilities. 
Not only did we learn about jade, 
but we also got a lesson in Chinese salesmanship by the whole staff!


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