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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 20:
 Our second day in Beijing with the tour group began at 8:30 am. -
to climb the Great Wall!
 There are 8 sections of the Wall opened to tourists. 
The section we are going to is the closest to beijing, 
about 55km north of the city. 
There was such a change in landscape - 
from high rises to farm land, small villages, forests, and mountains.
 In the distance, we can see sections of the Wall, 
climbing up to the ridges of the mountain range, 
passes that were once so vital to China's defense.
 Juyong Guan Great Wall is connected to BaDaling, 
and both sections protect the Juyong Guan Pass, 
which is one of the three great passes of the Wall.
 Our group gathers for instructions from Jerry, our guide.
 Crowd control...
 Our photographer Chien, who ably kept track of all 31 of us!
 The vine-covered building is bathroom facilities. 
The steps UP to the facilities was challenging enough for some folks.
 While we were at the bathroom facilities, 
we had a chance to look around at the various items on display. 
Good thing they didn't have the mallet on display!
 The bathrooms were at the far corner. 
It was a lovely courtyard, and I am not sure whether 
this was part of the Juyong Guan Hotel. 
These urns may have once been used as fire fighting equipment, 
but now, they hold gold fish.
 One of the maintenence ladies was using a net to move the fish 
so she could change the water.
 Not sure whether these were plum blossoms.
There were no leaves, just blossoms.
 Steles Forest - tablets of white marble 
with texts from 52 poems from five dynasties.
 The steles are mounted on the walls
that surround the courtyard.
 Stone tables and garden stools - 
cool seats for relaxing on a hot day!
 There are two rows of Chinese astrological signs leading to the steps.
Yes...I am a rat - one who loves food!
 Bill is still trying to decide which he is - 
horse or goat? 
He needs to find out the time of his birth.
 I can just imagine the shock waves moving up my arm 
if I DID strike this drum. 
Would my family come more quickly to the supper table 
than if I just called?
 Perhaps striking this bell would be more effective ;-)
 Travel brochures said terra cotta soldiers were on display here. 
I wonder if they were always here or "imported" from Xian...
 In the distance are towers from another section of the Wall.
 A view of the food court, souvenir shops, temples. 
The double-gabled building to the left of the picture is 
the entrance to the OTHER half of Juyong Guan.


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