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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 21:
 Finally, we are at the easiest part of our climb...
 Even though our day started early, 
there were already masses of people climbing ahead of us.
 Several of the more energetic members of our group 
did make it to the very top - The Beacon Tower. 
They commented that it was harder coming down 
because the steps are uneven, steep, or really worn down.
 No "Man of Steel" suit or John Carter skills, 
so walk he must ;-)
 The deceptively easy part is about to end...
 Ok...flat part done, now, the hard part...
 View of the mountains above and shops below...
 A couple familiar faces from our group :-)
 Tunnels in the sentry tower
 Lights, communications antennae, surveillance equipment. 
Wonder if they've caught anyone taking home pieces of the wall?
 Each section becomes steeper, 
coupled with uneven heights of the steps proved challenging.
There are handrails all along, but sometimes, 
it was hard to manoeuver around climbers who were hanging on for dear life! 
Most climbers wore hiking or running shoes, 
but there were some silly women who wore high heels, high-heeled sandles. 
They didn't get far ;-)
 No...I didn't get THAT far...
 At one of the rest areas, there were souvenir kiosks. 
Some of the items were brass locks like this gigantic one.
 People buy locks, then link them onto the railing here along the wall. 
Even tho' this part looks flat, 
there is enough of a slant that can cause a "rush" on the way down...
 A picnic area along the side of the wall.
 Lots of trees in natural surroundings...
 Guess some folks want to give a running commentary to friends 
as they climb the Great Wall?
 A backward view shows the two sections of Juyong Guan: 
east and west.
 Always a good idea to hang on! 
Can't really pull the "back, back, just a little more" on this kind of picture ;-0
 OK...I'll follow orders: No climbing!


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