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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 25:
Tibetan Medicine Spa
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 After our tour of Beijing Olympic Park, 
we boarded our bus to go to the Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. 
Jerry gives us some information about what to expect. 
We didn't listen anymore after he mentioned "foot massage"!
 Tibmed Spa, the sign says...
 Health Recovery Centre of Medicated Bath. 
Pictures for all kinds of treatments available, 
using Tibetan herbs and techniques.
 Our aching feet knew the way to relief ;-)
 These buildings are all part of the hospital / medical centre.
 The security booth with an electric bike.
 Our guide Jerry making arrangements for our visit.
 Beijing Tibetan Internation Medical Department... a "solid sign"...
 The entrance seemed like an entrance to a fortune teller's tent!
 Inside the entrance is a wall depicting the various herbs used in TCM - 
Traditional Chinese Medicine.
 The calligraphy is beautiful, but unfortunately, 
I could not read Chinese or Tibetan!
 A prayer wheel...
 This is one of the researchers and a TCM doctor. 
She said that Tibetan herbs are the purest and best quality of 
all Chinese herbs available because they are grown 
on the high mountains where the air is pure. 
We were all "pulsed" by a doctor, while our feet were immersed 
in a wooden tub of very warm water infused with herbs. 
Then she told me, "No pictures!"
 My "doctor" was quite emphatic about his concern for my health!
He REALLY wanted me to buy $1200.00 US for 3 months of pills
so he could cure me...guaranteed! 
Bill was offered a slightly cheaper deal, but neither of us pulled out our credit cards. 
Instead, we enjoyed the foot massage, then took more pictures :-)
 Our evening meal was at this restaurant, on the second floor.
 At every place we visited, whether a "factory", a hotel, or a restaurant, 
all the entrances were gorgeous.
 In the foyer is a huge fish tank - 
containing a variety of fish served in the restaurant. 
Behind this tank / wall is a whole room of fish tanks.
 Getting ready for our last supper in Beijing, 
before we leave for Shanghai in the morning.
 At the end of our meal, 
Jerry came to give us the particulars for our early morning departure. 
He will take us to the airport, 
look after all our boarding passes and luggage before saying goodbye. 
He had been a most efficient and knowledgeable guide for the days we spent in Beijing.


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