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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 26: Beijing to Shanghai
May 8, 2013
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 Our tour guide Jerry got us all loaded at the Beijing airport for our flight to Shanghai. 
He would leave us here, and other guides will meet us and take us on the rest of the tour.
 This was a short flight on a smaller plane. 
As we had eaten a good breakfast at our Beijing Hotel, 
we were served a hot or cold beverage on board.
 It's been busy busy days in Beijing, so even a short respite was welcomed by all.
 Memory fading, but this may have been over Suzhou on our way to Shanghai.
 The Grand Canal does go thru' Suzhou, and this may have been part of it. 
A tour of the canal by boat is part of our agenda.
 The number of highrises is incredible - rows upon rows - all in orderly manner.
 No...This is NOT our pilot. 
It's Bill, ready to tackle another full day of Chinese...ness
 Landing and approaching the terminal.
 Everything is spotless and very modern . . . and full of people . . .
. . . all going or coming.
 Some of our group, Kerry and Edah, 
Michael and his mom, Chris and Jocelyne,
have collected their luggage and ready to meet 
our tour guide with the little yellow Nexus flag.
 And here she is: Miss Maggie!
 We were loaded onto a very comfortable tour bus, 
just in time too, as it had started to rain.
 As it was raining, our schedule was changed a bit --
from previously scheduled Hangzhou tea plantation to Suzhou. 
The sight of highrises, communication towers, 
and constant construction had become a familiar sight.
 Terry, our Australian Giant, just found a not-so-well preserved snack (banana) in his backpack!
 Edah and Kerry enjoyed a laugh at Terry's expense.
 It was approaching lunch time, so off we went to the designated restaurant.
 All these facilities are beautifully presented. 
Of course, there's no shortage of decorative ornaments and furniture. 
After all, "made in China" is found all over the world!
 With a large tour group, 
our seating arrangements were never the same, 
which was great so that we all got to know each other.
 As customary, meals are eaten family-style at round tables. 
These restaurants are set up efficiently to serve tour groups. 
Immediately upon seating, large bottles of Chinese beer, Sprite, 
pots of tea are brought to the table. 
Then, plate upon plate of food appear.
 Of course Bill was in his favourite zone -- 
Chinese food, in China, WITH chopsticks ;-) 
After lunch, we were ready to go on a boat tour of the Suzhou part of the Grand Canal.


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