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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 31:
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 Step up to the Truth and Harmony Guest House.
 Window screens of this guest house have elaborately-carved net motifs 
which allude to the garden's name.
 The guest house is named for a proverb, 
"To conduct yourself harmoniously and support the truth".
 Even inside walls reflect the elements of the gardens.
 Moon Comes with the Breeze Pavilion over-looking the pond. 
The pavilion is used for moon watching. 
It is attached to a covered walkway.
 Our young couple, Joycelyn and Chris from Toronto pose in the pavilion.
 The covered walkway from the moon watching pavilion
 Garden adjacent to the covered walkway.
 Our youngest members of the tour, Kristine and Kayla from Toronto, 
try out some puddles on the way to the next building.
 Peace and Tranquility Guest House bronze plaque.
 One of the various rooms in the guest house, 
which may have served as a small dining room.
 More seating is available for a larger gathering.
 Jessica was explaining the history of this historic marble slab, 
but its significance has disappeared from my memory. 
This was part of the music room -- where concerts are still being held.
 Watching Pine and Appreciating Painting Studio. 
Paintings on silk are displayed on the panels. 
The fabric is so thin and sheer that Jessica's hand 
behind one of the paintings could be seen clearly. 
Many of the themes are based on folklore, plant and animal symbols, 
historical figures, and local landscape.
 The beauty of a woman, the lotus blossom, and calligraphy are all represented.
 The speed, strength, grace and power of the horse 
are often depicted in Chinese paintings. 
In Feng Shui, the horse symbolizes movement and power.
In Buddhism, the horse symbolizes energy.
 A painting of the canal in Suzhou, 
making the city to be known as Venice of the East.
 What better choice for purchase by two musicians?
 We exited by a different gate, and ended the tour with the perfect stop!
 Unfortunately, time was short, and 
Bill didn't get the opportunity to go in 
and check out all the brands he is familiar with.
 But he did get a closer look through the window 
and time for a selfie ;-)
 Back on the bus, out of the tranquility of the gardens
to the hustle and bustle of the city. 
What a dramatic contrast: centuries old cypress and pine trees 
to these modern day towering structures of concrete.
 Traffic, traffic, traffic!, and MORE construction...
 But the canal provides a respite from the surge of metal and concrete. 
It's nearing supper as the bus takes us to our next banquet-style meal...


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