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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 32: SUZHOU
The End-of-Day Supper
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 A picture of a picture of our entire group at
the Forbidden City with our Beijing guide Jerry.
 After the tour of Garden of Master of the Nets, 
we were taken to the designated restaurant for supper.
The whole day had been an amazing experience. 
Imagine seeing and touring a segment of 
the 1,400 year-old longest canal or man-made river in the world; 
enjoying the tranquility of ancient classical gardens; 
being amazed by the modern structures surrounding antiquities...
 ...such as more examples of the on-going construction...
 This was a bit unnerving -
to see a pair of pants standing in the distance! 
Apparently, there is more than one such building in China.
 After a brief ride, we arrived at the Lanliyuen Garden Restaurant. 
Here, we are introduced to another important commodity in Suzhou - silk.
 Wherever land allowed, 
many establishments maintained beautifully landscaped gardens.
 A well-appointed foyer leading to the restaurant.
 Before the restaurant, guests (read tourists and potential shoppers) 
were treated to some eye-candy: 
beautiful paintings, all done on silk.
 How would one transport such a souvenir home? 
Ah... they will pack and ship to you, for a small fee. 
But, if the purchase was over $4,000, shipping is free ;-)
 Examples of smaller more portable souvenirs. 
None of the items displayed here were for sale. 
These were just to whet our appetite for the tour of the silk factory later.
 The guys really appreciated the large cold bottles of beer. 
The first two were free, as was the "Sprite".
 This couple was part of the large contingent from Toronto - 
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hop Hing. 
Their group made up half of our whole group. 
Most of the older folks had immigrated from South Africa, 
thus confusing us at first as they all 
spoke excellent English with a "British" accent!
 This table consisted of folks from New Zealand, Calgary, and Toronto. 
The elderly couple beside the a/c unit, Arthur and Yvonne 
are the "leaders" of the Hop Hing Pack. 
The pack consists of brothers, sisters, spouses, children and grandchildren 
who have taken this opportunity to go with Arthur to their ancestors' village. 
Arthur has maintained contact with relatives in the village and he speaks the dialect.
 Denis and Liana, from New Zealand, with more of the Toronto Hop Hing clan.
 Here we are, with our friends Kerry and Edah, a
long with Terry, Peter, Matt and Sarah from Australia
 The same group, perhaps tilted a little more on the left 
because of the big meal was just finished;-)


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