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Section II: China
Photos by Bill and Sue-On
Captions by Sue-On (expanded from our FaceBook pages)
Gallery 33: Wuxi Lihu Wetland National Park
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 Enroute to Wuxi Lihu Wetland National Park
 Map of the Scenic Wetland Park
 Our tour guide explaining the location English
 The entrance to the national park site.
 Diagram explaining the water levels in this Wetland Park - the Li Lakes
 There is a beautiful bridge over the water. 
The vegetation is lush. 
I wish they had name tags on all the trees, bushes...
 It's hard to just walk thru' without stopping to admire everything! 
This is our group, and the folks in the photo are from New Zealand and Australia.
 Our guide's futile attempts at keep us together and on schedule!
All along the pathway,
there are bas reliefs of
the vegetation common at this site.
Our friend Edah Morris and Sue-On 
in front of one of the several tablets.
Hopefully, the verse on this tablet is kind ;-)
 Mathew and Sarah from Australia.
 It's a bit misty looking out onto Li Lake, 
but it's beautiful - 
like so many Chinese paintings we often see.
 Bill with his camouflage hat - 
blending in with the environment?
 Our friends Kerry and Edah Morris 
who were such wonderful hosts in Malaysia.
The carvings on these bridges,
found at many of the UNESCO sites 
are beautifully maintained - 
no graffiti to mar the beauty and hopefully never!
Interesting tree stump 
with plants growing in the crevices.
 Always in sight - the spread of urban elements.
 A view from the bridge.
 These are floats attached to a net.
 Our tour buddy, Terry, who seems to be around 7 feet tall
(at least to me, but probably 6'6") 
holds a tiny, tiny frog we found on the path.
 The foliage is beautiful.
 Growth on "islands"...
 Seems I wore the right outfit to blend in ;-)
 Some of the local ladies spending a leisurely afternoon at cards.


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