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Excursion One: The Shibaozhai Red Pagoda Temple

Our first land excursion was to visit
Shibaozhai - "Precious Stone Fortress" - Pagoda Temple
The Red Pagoda is beautifully situated on the banks of the Yangtze River.
The Pagoda is built into the side of a rocky mountain and and is120 steps to the top.
Due to the now high river water level a dam has been built
around the entrance to hold back the waters.
The complex is accessed from the shore by a swinging bridge.

. . .
 Leaving our ship, most of the landing party took the long walk through the town market, but on our way we were hailed by ladies who offered to take us in sedan litter chairs on a shortcut up a hill and stairs that by-passed the market. 

The ladies were slight of build and grey-haired, but were determined to carry us - for a fee, of course. For a lark we decided to climb on board the sedan chairs -- although we felt a bit guilty and foolish being carried by such tiny ladies. When we came to a steep flight of stairs we offered to get off and walk up, but the ladies were determined to carry us all the way up. They turned their poles parallel to the stairs and stepped up sideways. 

. .
. .
Riding sedan chairs up the Precious Stone Fortress Hill along the bank of the Yangtze River.
Carried by powerful burly litter bearers.

A great opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sights along the way.
. . .

End of journey at the top of the hill.
Our thanks to our husky sedan carrier.

Approaching the gate to the temple area
and a look back at the market area.

We passed through many decorated gates, statues, and murals
on our way to the Drunken Bridge which led to the Red Pagoda Temple.
. . . .



CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Onboard Explorations 2a. Yangtze Scenery 3.  Shibaozhai Excursion
4. Red Pagoda Excursion 4a. Atop the Red Pagoda 5. Captain's Party 6. Upper Deck Scenery 7. Smaller Gorge Excursion
8. Tributary Excursion 8a. Back Onboard 9. Arrival at Dam Project  10. 3 Gorges Project 11. Locks and Farewells


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