Military Heritage
of the
Extended Grant Family
Jim Grant
Second Draft


1995 earmarked the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War. There have been a number of dedicated TV programs, pilgrimages to battle fields, and numerous books written highlighting many of the events. It is incumbent upon those of us who lived through the period, and are now benefiting from the sacrifices made by many of our fellow countrymen, and relatives who participated actively, to record their involvement and in a small way pay tribute to their service. I have written this small remembrance, to ensure that the upcoming members of the total family are aware of their ancestor's involvement in the military. Those who contributed their life especially, and all who were part of the Brotherhood of Arms, Army, Navy, Air Force, and RCMP.


A significant involvement in the military and paramilitary is common throughout the immediate Grant family, as well as the extended family through marriage. This paper is an attempt to capture the basics of the personal involvement of this and the preceding generation. The immediate family, is that of Edward James Grant, (Jim) and is expanded to the total Grant family, the Hillman family, the Tease family, and all of their combined relatives by marriage. A first draft will be prepared and forwarded to surviving family members to verify, and add to the basic information, Most of the facts are from personal remembrances of Jim Grant, and the available historical documents from the National archives, Veteran Affairs and other sources.

Edward James Grant 1896-1960 (Father of Jim Grant)

Enrolled US Army Feb 1918, Palo Alto California, discharged Sept 1919, at Fort Russell Wyoming. Serial number 2378732. Wagoner in Company F, 319 Field Engineers. Served in France during the war and remained until 1919 as part of the occupation Force. Was stationed in the South of France around Marseilles.

Kenneth Charles Grant 1906-1968 Brother of Edward James and uncle of Jim

Served in the US Army in Hawaii 1926-1927

Served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1929-1930

Applied for the RCAF, aircrew, and was awaiting call-up when he joined the Canadian Army Active Force 1941-1943. Served with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, 1 st Canadian Army Tank Brigade Company RCASC. Injured in motorcycle accident in England 1943 and evacuated to Canada for medical release,

Edward James Grant (Jim) 1929-

Enlisted in Canadian Army Reserve 1945-1948, served with D Company Loyal Edmonton Regiment, Grande Prairie, and C Coy, The Westminster Regiment, Chilliwack

Enrolled in Canadian Officer Training Corps, UBC Contingent 1949-1951.

Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Sep 1951.

Enrolled in Canadian Army Regular 17 Sep 1951 as a 2nd Lt, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.
Served with 55 Cdn Tpt Coy in 27 Cdn Inf Bde Hannover Germany 1952

Loaned to Defence Research Board at Suffield Alberta 1952-1954, employed as assistant to Army Technical Liaison officer and worked as a specialist on flame warfare weapons and fuel

Served with 1 Cdn Inf Div Coln RCASC Camp Borden 1954-1956.Was in 1 Tpt Coy, 4 Tpt Coy and 5 Tpt Coy

Promoted Captain, and selected for pilot training at CJATC Rivers Manitoba 1956-1958 and qualified as a fixed wing and helicopter pilot.

Exchange duty and pilot courses with US Army, 1958-1960. Camp Wolters Texas, Fort Rucker Alabama. Assigned to 91 Transportation Company (H34 helicopters) and served at Fort Sill Oklahoma and Fort Campbell Kentucky (101 st Airborne Division)

Returned to Canada, CJATC Rivers 1960-1963 and was instructor and flight commander at Army Aviation Tactical Training School (AATS)

Selected for Canadian Army Staff College Kingston 1963-1965. Promoted Major 1963

Posted to 3 Brigade Service Battalion, Camp Gagetown New Brunswick 1965-1966

Appointed Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General (DAQMG) # 3 Cdn Infantry Brigade

Transferred to HQ Mobile Command St Hubert Quebec 1967 and joined HQ 10 Tactical Air Group 1968. Promoted Lieutenant Colonel 1969 and assigned to the Pilot branch of the Air element of the Canadian Forces

Transferred to NDHQ Ottawa, 1970 to the Directorate of Equipment Requirements Air DERA.

Appointed Commanding Officer 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron Camp Petewawa 1971-1972

Transferred to NDHQ , Director of Land Aviation 1972-1974. Was in charge of purchase of 74 Bell 206s, 50 Bell 212, and 8 Chinooks. Was the head of the operational requirements section and the support of the funding program etc.

Appointed Senior Staff Officer Tactical Helicopters Air Command HQ Winnipeg Manitoba 1975-1978

Assigned to HQ Allied Forces Central Europe AFCENT Brunssum Holland 1978-1981

Retired from the Canadian Forces 17 September 1981 after 30 years of continuous service in the Regular Forces. total military service 1947-1981 34 years

John Richard Grant 1930- Brother of Jim Grant

Enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force Dec 1949. Completed pilot training at Centralia, Trenton and Dorval. Posted to 426 Transport Squadron (Thunderbird) 1951-1953 and was aircraft commander on North Star flights to Korea, Japan and all points on the Korean Airlift. Was detachment Commander at Tokyo (Haneida) and returned to Canada to Detachment Commander Resolute NWT (6 months). Posted as an Otter pilot to Churchill Manitoba. (checked out first RCMP Otter pilot)

Transferred to 412 Transport Squadron VIP transport 1956-1961 flew many VIPs including Prime Minister John Diefenbaker around the world. Was chief C 5 pilot.

Transferred to Air Force Headquarters, Director of Air Movements and retired in 1963

Joined the Federal Government Department of Transport and appointed Chief Executive Pilot 1971-80. Responsible for the flights of all Government VIP. Flew the Viscount and the Jet Star and many other types. Extensive flying time and experience, over 13,000 hours. Retired from Federal Government in 1980. During the time served in MOT and the RCAF flew Prime Ministers, St Laurent, Diefenbaker,Pearson, Trudeau,and Turner, plus many other senior Canadian and foreign dignataries.

Gerald Kenneth Grant 1940- son of Kenneth cousin of Jim

Gerald enrolled in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1960. Trained at Rockliffe, Ottawa and was assigned to St Johns, Argentia and Ferryland, Newfoundland, Toronto, Naigara Falls and Port Alberni and Nanaimo B.C. Worked undercover on commercial crime (mentioned in book by Sawatsky) Retired in 1988. Served over 28 years. Presently semi retired in Nanaimo.

The Hillman Brothers (5)
(brothers of Merna Hillman deceased, wife of Jim Grant)

Gerald Hillman. 192---198- Enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy in 1938. Served in Newfoundland and in the Pacific operations. Served aboard HMCS Prince Robert, a converted merchant cruiser. Was the only Canadian ship at the Japanese surrender ceremonies at Hong Kong and evacuated the survivors. Gerald was regular Navy, and attained the rank of Chief Petty Officer, his specialty was battle damage repair. Retired in 1945

Donald Ernest Hillman 1918-- 1944 Enrolled in the RCAF 13 Feb, 1941, and completed pilot training Oct 1941. Was assigned to the RAF and served in the UK instructing on B Botha with 11 RS. In Sep 1943 assigned to 20 OTU flying Wellington III. Converted to Halifax and joined 148 Sqn RA in Brindisi Italy. Was stationed in England. North Africa and Brindisi,Italy. The squadron was equipped with Halfax aircraft and conducted resupply missions in support of resistance (Partisan) foces in Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia. Donald was killed in action, 24 June 1944, while serving on air operations with 148 Squadron (RAF). into Yugoslavia. His final mission was a supply drop to partisans operating behind enemy lines. While approaching the target, the aircraft was hit by enemy fire and crashed in the mountains, in the rear of Santa Maria del Taro, in the Borga area of Northern Italy. The crew (8) , three Canadians and four British and one Yugoslav,were buried with full military honours by the partisans. He was initially reported missing and confirmed dead in June 1946. The entire crew, together with a member of the Yugoslavian Army lost their lives. Donald is buried in Plot 1, row C, Collective Grave 27-30 in the Military Plot of the Staglieno Civil Cemetary, Genoa , Italy. Hillman Bay in Northern Saskatchewan, North of La Ronge on Pinehouse Lake, is named in honor of Donald Hillman. Prior to enlisting Donald was an accountant. He was in the Canadian Army for a short period prior to joining the RCAF. (Saskatoon Light Infantry)

James Gordon Hillman 192- 1944 enrolled in the RCAF in 1941 and qualified as a Navigator/Observer. J21914 Assigned to 408 Squadron RCAF equipped with Lancaster bombers. Commenced operational flying 16 Nov 43. Flew 19 op misions over Germany, including 11 bombing missions to Berlin. Was declared Missing in Action on a bombing mission to Schweinfurt 24 Feb 1944.. Later assumed dead. Hillman Island, part of Hillman Bay, Pinehouse Lake, in Northern Saskatchewan is named in honor of Gordon Hillman. Prior to enlisting, Gordon was a school teacher.

Lorne Hillman 192- 19 Enlisted in the Canadian Army Active Force. Assigned to the South Saskatchewan Regiment and served in North West Europe. Lorne was discharged in 1946. He was a teacher before the war.

Arthur Hillman 1928 -      Enlisted in the Canadian Army and was with the Canadian Technical Training Corps. Art was too young to go overseas, particularly as the family had already lost two sons.

Alan Walker (husband of Doris Hillman) 192- 19-- enlisted in the Canadian Army in 194- Served with the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers. ( RCEME) Served overseas in North West Europe. Discharged in 1946

Norman Grant Tease 1893- 1955 Grandfather of Beatrice Grant (Tease)

Enlisted in the Canadian Army for the First World War in 1914. Served in France and was awarded the Military Medal (MM) for gallantry at the battle of Vimy Ridge.Was a runner and came home as a Sergeant. Was involved in some of the early Gas attacks.

Returned home in 1919 and was discharged. His Military Medal and other service medals are held by the Port Parry Legion (Ontario)

James Drew Tease 1922-1988 Father of Beatrice Grant (Tease) Enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1940 in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Served initially in Nanaimo ,Jamaica and Niagara on the Lake. The unit was sent to England in 1943, and participated in the battle of Normandy. Jim was wounded near Caen 6 August 1944, and was returned to Canada for eventual medical discharge in 1945. He later joined the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada (Reserve) and was a member until 1956.

Samuel Norman Grant Tease 1917- 1977 Uncle of Beatrice Grant Enrolled in the Canadian Army (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps) Served in England and returned to Canada in 1944.

Harold McLean Laxton 1922 - 1968 husband of Mary Tease , Uncle of Beatrice Grant (Tease)

Enlisted in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, and served with Jim Tease in Jamaica and North West Europe. Severely wounded with shrapnel from a grenade. Returned home in 1946. Joined the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada (Reserve)

William (Billie) Harvey  1926- 1943 Uncle of Beatrice Grant (Tease) William (Billy) enlisted in the Glengarry Highlanders, and was transferred to the Hasting & Prince Edward Regiment (Hasty Pees) Served in Italy and was killed in action near Ortona on 1944. Billie was only 19. He is buried at the Canadian War Cemetery in Ortona Italy.

Reginald Sneyd Uncle of Beatrice Enlisted in the Canadian Army and served in the ----- Regiment. Tanks Was wounded in the Battle of Normandy (Capriquet) and lost his leg . Evacuated home and discharged in 1944.

Earl Greenfield Cousin of Beatrice. Enislted in the Royal Canadian Navy in late 40s and served inHalifax, and Churchill

Wayne Wendt Cousin of Jim Enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps. Served as a B 17 pilot with the US 8 th Air Force in England. Wayne was shot down over Germany in 1944. He was buried originally in Holland and eventually returned to the USA later.

Dick Wendt Cousin of Jim. Enlisted in the United States Navy. Served as a fighter pilot. Was discharged in 1945 and eventually flew with the US navy reserve on the West Coast (Seattle)

Donald Wendt Cousin of Jim. Enlisted in the United States Air Force. Graduated as a Navigator, and served in different assignment within Strategic Air Command. (SAC) Flew with B58, and B 52 units at a number of bases,including El Paso Texas, New York, South East Asia and others. Retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after -- years service.

Rodney Wendt (Brother of Dick and Donald) Cousin of Jim. Enlisted in the United States Air Force

Norman Wendt Cousin of Jim. Enlisted in the United States Air Force

John Paul Boyer (JP) 1925 - 1985 Father in law of Susan (Grant) Boyer. JP enlisted initially in the RCAF and then transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy during WW 2. He was discharged and later (1949) joined the Canadian Army, and served in Korea, Vancouver, Edmonton,Toronto, Pepewawa, St Hubert.Camp Borden and Germany. Retired in 1978.

Peter Boyer 1948- Son of JP and Pauline. Enrolled in the Canadian Forces 1968,and graduated as a Navy Pilot. Was stationed at Moose Jaw, Trenton Gander, Ottawa, Vancouver and Trenton. Flew as an instructor on Tutors, Search and Rescue Helicopters Labradors, and Twin Otters and Falcon and Challenger jets with 412 Squadron (VIP). Resigned in 1989 and joined Canada 3000. Presently flying Airbus A320 and Boeing 757s.

Beatrice Margaret Gregory 1960- daughter of Beatrice . Maggie joined the RCMP in 1982 and worked in Special O (plain clothes) in Vancouver. Enrolled as a regular in 1988 and was assigned to regular duty in the Surrey detachment. Presently in Thompson Manitoba maintaining the peace with our native brethern.

Ian Gregory 1960- Son in law of Jim & Beatrice, husband of Margaret

Ian joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1980 and was assigned after training to Vancouver B.C. He served on general duty and then was with the VIP security detail. he completed his commercial pilot training and was accepted into the Air Branch of the RCMP. Flew out of Vancouver flying the King Air and is presently assigned to Thompson Manitoba flying the Twin Otter.

Ernest Nagy 1932-Husband of Kathleen Grant, sister of Jim. Ernie joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1953. Served in Edmonton.Grande Prairie, Peace River, and Edmonton. Retired in 1960 and joined the Alberta Government Transportation branch.

Rodney Nagy 1959- Son of Kay and Ernie. Rod joined the Canadian Forces and graduated as a Weapons Tech Air. Served at Cold Lake and Baden. Transferred to an Airorne Electronics Sensor Operatorr and served at Greenwood N.S. on Long Range Patrol Squadron (Auroras) 404 and 415 Squadron. Rod served 10 1/2 years.


Army 9 8 1

RCAF 6 2

RCN 1 1


US Army Air Corps 1 1

US Army 2 1

US Air Force 2

US Navy 1 1

Total 28 13 2

Killed in action 4

Wounded 4

Total years of service 191

Lieutenant Colonel James Grant
Jim Grant is a retired LCol pilot,
who served in Rivers,(2) Winnipeg (Aircom) and
other asignments in 30 years of regular service.

Also by Jim Grant: From Pharmacy to Helicopters

Bill Hillman