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JFK's Air Force One
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Kennedy Assassination: Where Was I?
Our CKX-TV Friday Noon Show on November 22, 1963 was interrupted by an important news bulletin. US President John F. Kennedy was reported shot while appearing in a motorcade in Dallas Texas. He had been rushed to hospital. We were all shocked, but resumed our show.

At 1 pm we rushed to the teletype room to read the news reports as they came in over the wire. The news was not good -- half an hour later the White House Press Secretary announced that the President was dead. I spent the rest of the day in the College dorm TV room watching the emotional television reports.

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50 Years Later: JFK's Air Force One
Fifty years later, Sue-On and I had cause to recall the events of that fateful day of November 22, 1963. Returning from a gig in the southern States we stopped at the Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Dayton to photograph the thousands of aircraft and artifacts on display at the USAF Museum. The gigantic "hangars" at this birthplace of aviation contain a multitude of galleries representing all phases of aviation and space flight. One of the most interesting attractions is the Presidential Gallery which showcases the various aircraft used by US presidents through the years. The most popular aircraft is the Air Force One which flew JFK on his final flights to and from Dallas in November of 1963.

Not wanting to transport Kennedy's coffin down in the cargo area the Secret Service agents sawed an opening in the fuselage so that the casket could be angled through the door to the cabin area. We took photos of the repaired cut as we entered and walked through the aircraft. Among the other photos we took is the area in which Johnson was sworn in as the new president, as well as the cockpit, conference areas, galley, communication centre, and the seat where widowed Jackie had sat across from her late husband's casket during the flight back to Washington, DC. An incredible and very important page from 20th Century history.

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