Akustik Studio at the Hauptbahnhof
(near main rail station)
57 Kirchenalle
Beatles first recording: October 15, 1960 
Akustik Studio  in the Klockmann-House. The Beatles made their first recording as a group on October 15, 1960 with Lou Walters and Ringo Starr. They recorded "Summertime" at a record your own voice booth on the 5th or 6th floor.. The building now contains several bars, a bank and a Kodak shop. 

GEORGE: We also recorded with Lou Walters. He was Rory Storm's bass player. He was a guy who thought he was a singer. He paid to have the record made himself.


Friedrich Ebert Halle
In Harburg - about 40 minutes by train from Hamburg
Recorded here in May 1961

The Beatles recorded at Friedrich Ebert Halle with Tony Sheridan in May of 1961.
This is where they recorded "My Bonnie" which eventually led them to Brian Epstein.
This was a children's school at that time. It no longer exists.

Friedrich-ebert-halle ~ Concert Hall
Alter Postweg 36, S3-Heimfeld
The Beatles and Tony Sheridan drove to the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle in Harburg for a recording session on June 22, 1961. The Beatles had agreed to do the session for 330 Marks each. They had worked this plan out a few days earlier at the Top Ten Club with producer Bert Kaempfert. 

The recording area was actually the city's and school's assembly hall and gymnasium. When it was built in 1930 for 5 million Marks it had been equiped with everything that was considered modern in those days: projection facilities for movies, a three-keyboard organ, a draft-free air conditioning system, as well as large lighting and black-out systems. Most importantly it was noted for its excellent acoustics. Many German hits had been recorded on the hall's stage, which could quickly be converted to a recording studio with the use of portable equipment.

Steinway-Haus Music Store
Colonnaden 29

In this store, John bought his first Rickenbacker guitar and
Paul - his famous first Höfner bass guitar, and
George - a Gibson amplifier (probably also his first one).

Todayís 325C58, an exact replica of John Lennonís first 1958 Model 325 Rickenbacker
purchased in Hamburg and McCartney's 500/1 Höfner Violin Bass Guitar.

See also John F.Crowley's
Fab Guitars of the Beatles

Musikhaus Rotthoff  Music Store
Neuer Pferdemarkt 30-31

Claus-Dieter Rotthoff playing a Rickenbacker in his music store.
The store, which has existed in Hamburg for more than 70 years, supplied much equipment to the Top-Ten Club and the Star-Club.

The sound equipment of the two clubs came from here, and the musicians, who stayed in the neighboring Hotel Pacific, for months sometimes, bought both instruments and accessories here. In the 60s the store was located in the Schanzenstraße 71.

Ernst-Merck-Halle Concert Hall
This is where the Beatles played their final two concerts in Germany in 1966. 

At one of them there was a riot among the fans. Unfortunately this building was demolished many years ago. 

For those shows the Beatles stayed out of town at the Schloss Hotel, the castle at Tremsbuttel on June 26, 1966.

It was the event of the year 1966 in Hamburg. The next day the headlines read:

TEAR GAS !!!!!

Six years after the Beatles began their career in Hamburg they returned to perform for the last time on an European stage on June 26, 1966.

About 11,200 fans crowded into the Ernst-Merck-Hall. In the best seats, sat prominent people from the media, politics, industry, etc. -- even Helmut Schmidt (then interior minister in Hamburg) attended.

 The titles that were played are:

Rock And Roll Music
She's A Woman
If I Needed Someone
Day Tripper
Baby's In Black
I Feel Fine
I Wanna Be Your Man
Nowhere Man
Paperback Writer
I'm Down

Both concerts took place from 3:00 - 4:45 PM and 7:00 - 8:45 PM. Between them was a press conference, that Paul McCartney broke off early out of sheer boredom.

The Ernst-Merck-Hall at its peak, was a real Mecca for Rock and Jazz fans.  Bill Haley, Pink Floyd, Queen, Who, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, and many more played here. Even sports events and classical concerts were held here. It got its name in honor of Ernst Merck, who erected the Planten un Blomen (Plants and Flowers) zoological garden on the neighboring premises in 1861. The hall was removed in the late '80s. Only modern exibition halls reman.

Ref: Hamburg with the Beatles

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