Section I: Singapore/Malaysia
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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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Part I: April 15
Enroute south to Johor Bahru on the expressway.
Passing through a small mountain range. 
The mtns are like big lumps rather than like the Rocky Mtns. 
because of the composition of the rock - limestone, marble...
Some of the quarries...
for marble and for new housing...
On the hillsides, to prevent erosion. 
Much of the drainage is built with steps, to slow down the flow 
and to allow access for the maintenance crew. 
This slopes are reinforced with hard top.
" A lump"
This is a roadside rest area! 
It's got oodles of bathrooms, shops, eateries...
Another view of the rest stop building.
The eating area. 
All along one wall are all kinds of food stalls...
Young ladies selling this kind of "apple"...
looks a bit like a small red delicious 
but the texture is more like a yellow Asian pear
...crisp and juicy but not too sweet.
We were looking for Chinese salted plums and found this kind. 
It's more like dried fruit but soft, salt, sweet, sour...
Makes my mouth water just thinking of these!

A nice snack: roasted chickpeas!
Our roadside picnic! YUM!
This was our second stop enroute south to Johor Bahru. 
Edah's sister Kakpah packed chili chicken, coconut rice, 
cucumbers, and watermelon for a picnic for the four of us!
Dessert at Baskin-Robbins. . . in Malaysia!?!
Entering Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
The convention centre as we entered Johor Bahru.
ET call home?!
Our hotel Puteri Pacific, Johor Bahru. 
The hotel was great and the imperial deluxe upgrade and
a complimentary full buffet breakfast was US $80.00/night! 
The service was great and the doorman is hilarious...
Pretended to "cry" when we were leaving.
My "sister of 20 years" 
Karen lee and I,
meeting finally! 
My "new sister" in JB: Ang Lai Nguang.
She, along with Karen drove us everywhere in JB 
as well as to Singapore. 
Ang is a super shopper as well...
picked up 2 KG of white peppercorns for me!
The seafood restaurant that 
Juliana and Azhar took us to - 
on the waterfront.
Ummm... Bill doesn't like sashimi, 
but he was game to pose with the fresh squid ;-)
Oh YES!!! Delicious! 
Now to get to the FRESH durian ;-)
The Hillmans and our dinner hostess Ally Juliana Pabill!
The happy group at a great restaurant on the waterfront.
It was a wonderful evening of friendship and food :-) 
Thank you to our Malaysian family! 
Bill enjoying his first soursop drink
- very refreshing!
The lobster that 
Karen Lee and Ally Juliana Pabill 
chose for our dinner - beautifully plated.
Edah, Kery, and Adriana: 
She kept us well entertained! 
Bill shows Azhar our house on his phone 
when he pulled up a map of our area.


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