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"So Full of Spectacle and Glory it Had to be Made in Technicolor!"

My late father was stationed at Uplands when the movie was made.  He was a Flight Sergeant in the aero-engine trade.  Earlier, in March the year the movie was made, Harvard 2689 endured a Category B crash and was sent to Noorduyn for repairs. 

Apparently it was returned to Uplands shortly before the movie was filmed.  Probably because it had been freshly painted it was featured in some of the PR photos taken for the movie. 

My Dad was seconded to the film people to assist with the production and, as a result was given one of the 10 directors chairs that Warner Brothers gave to RCAF members.  I have a list of the other recipients for those interested -- most of the others were commissioned members. 

I am including a photo of Harvard 2689 shortly after the March crash. My Dad is standing in the foreground.  I have also attached a few photos of the chair which I still have in my possession. 

I am also attaching the correspondence between Warner Bros. and the RCAF that resulted in the gift of chairs. Incidentally, Harvard 32689, on the 15 of August 1941 while on a solo night training flight crashed killing LAC H.W. Long.  The aircraft card says, “Aircraft crash after take off (flew into earth) total flying time - 161 hours”.  Aircraft reduced to “spares and produce”. Very sad and, no doubt, one of many. 

Dad, subsequently served overseas with 168 (HT) Squadron and remained in the RCAF postwar.  He died in 1957 while serving as an engineering officer at 1(F) OTU, RCAF Stn. Chatham.

~ David Russell



WWII Iconic Photograph
Turned Into an Iconic Sculpture
In 2015, the City of New Westminster unveiled a statue to commemorate the photo
in the exact location near the intersection of Eighth Street and Columbia Street where the photograph was taken.
The monument features three statues depicting the boy and his parents,
created by Canadian Edwin Dam de Nogales and wife, Veronica.

Wait for me, Daddy

"Wait for me, Daddy" is one of the most recognized photographs in the world and has become iconic for New Westminster.

The photograph, which became integral to Canada’s effort in WWII, was captured on Oct. 1, 1940, in New Westminster, B.C., by Vancouver Daily Province photographer Claude Dettloff and became one of the most famous photographs in Canadian history.

The little blond boy in the photograph was the five-year-old Bernard, who broke free from his mother Bernice's grasp as his father, Pte. Jack Bernard, marched down Eighth Street, heading off to war with the B.C. Regiment.

The photo made the next day's morning paper, but not long after it was featured across North America, including an October issue of Life magazine. It was eventually hung in every school in B.C. during the war.

The Sculpture
The City of New Westminster commissioned internationally acclaimed sculptors
Veronica and Edwin Dam De Nogales to create the war memorial sculpture

To Bill Hillman

I’m so impressed with all of the great information you have on your sites supporting veterans. 
Veterans’ wellness is a cause close to my heart (as you can probably tell from my email address), 
and I’d love to send you some additional resources 
in support of our nation’s heroes that you could post on your sites.
Ryan MacKenzie,

Note: Most of these are US based and many may not apply to Canadians
Counseling, Crisis Help, and Suicide Prevention for the Military Community
Free and Low Cost Marriage Counseling for Veterans
Military and Veterans Mental Health Issues
Costs and Co-Payments for Veterans' Health Care
Job Search Assistance for Veterans
Interview Tips For Veterans
Mortgage Assistance Programs for Veterans
Veteran Moving Services Savings Program
At-Home Services to Assist Senior Veterans

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