1. 'Babies" are cozy with their new toques 
made with TLC by my friend Donna Sutley
...and their new capes!

2. And it's up! My first winter arrangement
completed, with the well-dressed Babies 
and the special bell to welcome visitors!

3. The First Arrangement - with Hydrangeas 
from Neil Del Volk out in Campbell River, 
and the special Bell wind chime made 
by my CPL friend Joan Rodenbush

4. Wrought Iron "ball" with 
dried Hydrangeas and Greens 21.11.2018

5. Hydrangeas and greenery arrangement with starry lights

6. Hydrangea Ball in water fountain

7. Arrangement # 4 Under our Mail Box

8. Does this mean I get "owly" when I don't get mail, 
or am I playing at Harry Potter?

9. Arrangement #5 for our house done!
Birch, red willow, white accents, greenery, 
Bodam pods (no idea what they are),
Magnolia blossoms and leaves,
pine cones, and mercury glass ball!

10. Magnolia arrangement outside, 
sitting in my tall cast iron urn - 
taken with flash at 9 PM, 24.11.2018

11. Magnolia arrangement with flash

12. Magnolia arrangement and Hydrangea ball

13. Added mini lights to the mail box greens. Better!

14. Winter Plant Craziness # 6
Term was coined by CPL Joan Rodenbush LOL!

15. Winterscaping #7 and #8 as this is one of a 
matching pair. Gold and red glow balls in both.

16. 28.11 Winterscaping #9: 
One of a pair of top hats I did up this morning

17. 29.11.2018 2nd of two top hats done!

18. Two top hats done!

19. Balsam Fir... Ready to be decked out
on China's birthday on Dec. 5

20. Last one? Using up what's in the bin
. . . barely!  4.12.2018

21. Previous arrangment on the black urn 
moved down the slope - with flash. 4.12.2018

22. No flash but the red mercury glow ball 
is on along with small lights... Pretty

24. The reindeer has been transformed from summertime plants to Xmas greens!
Found the little sled I had tucked away, so thought Rudolph could do with an extra trailer...

23. Per Etta James: At Last
"Oh yeah yeah
At last
I found a dream, that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known"

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The end of Winterscaping for 2018!