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Delta Dining
It was a short hop across to Turtle Island, our "dinner island," but we had a good chance to observe some of the many other tourist boats that plyed these delta waters. Most of them were very similar to the boat we were on. 

The dining area was thatched and very much in keeping with the local atmosphere. We were treated to some local delicasies -- including the local seafood specialty: Elephant Ear Fish and shrimp. The fish was prepared, first by simmering in coconut milk, then partially cooked and then finished cooking on a Sterno hot plate . The server then served it by rolling it in rice paper like a summer roll. The shrimp were large and prepared in a curry sauce with potato, carrot and onion. -We washed this all down with cans of Tiger beer and coke . . . 'twas hot out, you know. The Delta region of South Vietnam is one of the hottest parts of the country although it is moderated somewhat by the waters.

We had a bit of unexpected excitement during the meal. One of the fellow travellers at our table chocked on a piece of shell. He stood up, unable to breathe. Sue-on struggled to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on him. She struggled to get her arms around him to form a double fist and evenually bent him over a nearby railing until a doctor in the party jumped up to help. The man soon recovered with no lasting ill effects.

Following the meal we made another short jungle hike -- past the locals' motorbike park, displays of religious offerings and we were hoping to see some alligators in the swampy areas we passed through. . . alas, all we saw was a water buffalo tethered in the water -- keeping cool. These beasts are still much used in the cultivation and harvest of the delta crops -- especially for rice. 

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Elephant Ear Fish and other Delicacies

A few more curiosities on the way back to the boat





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