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Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Gallery Forty-One


American Flag Raised over battered remnants of South Gate
immediately after the City's capture, Battle of Tientsin, China.

Chinese who paid war's penalty, Tientsin

Tibet Ministers in Tent, (erected on day the Mission started for India), Lhassa.

A "Lily Footed" Woman of China -- this outrage against Nature has been in vogue 900 years.

North from Ha-ta-men Gate over scene of the German Minister Baron Ketteler's murder
--  now called Keticler Street, Peking

Old Dutch Guns Made at Rotterdam in 1600, Peking

Curious Chinese Architecture -- typical Gateway over a Street in the Imperial City, Peking

The Dragon guarding the front

Manchurians shelling corn with Rails -- at Tobeshin, near Japanese lines -- 4 mi. from Port Arthur.

Preparing food for the hungry fighters, Manchuria

The shattered remains of Russian bodies whowere killed near Metre Hill, Port Arthur

Russian prisoners after the surrender near Port Arthur

In the best restaurant near Port Arthur

Greatest of China's Statesmen - Li Hung Chang in the Court of his Yaman, Tientain

Store of Rich Chinese Tea Merchant, Chefoo, nearest Trading Port to Port Arthur, North China

Avenue of the Tombs

Lunch with Generals

Looking into Shappai-po Street from one of the Nightwatch Bridges, Canton

Coolies Unloading Tea at Hankow, the Great Tea Market of Interior China

Chinese coolies excavating for Russian buildings, beside Trans-Siberia Railway, Dalny, Manchuria


Ancient China In Three Dimension



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