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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Forty-Six
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Gallery Forty-Six


Cossacks Leaving St. Petersburg for Mancuria

Seik's bombarding Chinese position with 12-lb. English Naval Gun
-- Arsenal in distance already taken -- Battle of Tientsin

The Czar's brave soldiers on the firing line, Manchuria


Lunch with General Negi at Japanese headquarters -- 6 in. Russian shell on table -- Port Arthur, Manchuria

A Russian prisoner, just brought into the Japanese lines -- siege of Port Arthur

The fearful price of war -- Russian bodies awaiting burial -- near a fort at Port Arthur

Great 11-inch Japanese siege guns firing 500-lb shells into Port Arthur

Hundreds of Japanese dragging a massive 12-in siege gunto its place in siege line -- Port Arthur

Japanese cutting cord wood and making charcoal in cold Manchuria.

A modern War balloon in use by the Third Japanese Army, in a cornfield near Port Arthur

Cossacks Leaving St. Petersburg for Manchuria


Chinese Christian Refugees gathered by Father Quilioax into the Apostolic Mission during bombardment at Tientsin

Japanese Transportation Train, Manchuria

A detachment of German Infantry, Peking

Some of China's trouble-makers -- "Boxer" Prisoners captured and brought in by the U.S. Cavalry -- Tientein


Japanese Wounded in Ward 10, Military Hospital at Hiroshima, Japan

Officers and men of the Japanese armoured Cruiser "Asama," one of the fleet which attacked Port Arthur.


Gallant survivors of the battle where thousands were killed -- Japanese Field Hospital near Port Arthur.


Ancient China In Three Dimension



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