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Russo-Japanese War
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Gallery Fifty-Five


Modern methods of locating the enemy, Military Balloon, Liao Yang, Manchuria

Japanese Battery Bombarding Russian stronghold at Port Arthur.

 Burying the Russians killed in the desperate fighting on 203 Metre Hill in beseiged Port Arthur.

Russo-Japanese War ~ After the siege was over - Russian prisoners at Port Arthur.

Japanese Soldiers Port Arthur China Photo Stereoview Lüshunkou District

Count Von Waldersee, escorted by Officers of allied Armies
through lines of U.S. Infantry, toward Sacred Gate, Peking

Columbia's noble soldier boys, American giving water to wounded Japanese after battle of Tientsin

From British Concession (E) to East Arsenal, over Plain occupied by Russians, July 13, 1900

Port Arthur Harbor View, Mancuria

Lively work loading cattle on lighters -- for Russian troops at Port Arthur quay at Cheefoo

After the battle, Russian dead awaiting burial -- gruesome scene on the Eastern front.

An advance of Russian Trooops in the Far East -- marching along the Chinese Imperial Railway.

Some of Russia's famous Cossaks in the Far East

Naval Engagement Between the Russian and Japanese Fleet Before Port Arthur.

Amputating the shattered leg of a wounded soldier, operating room of Military Reserve Hospital Hiroshima, Japan.

Russian barrier and wire entanglements closing road against Japanese advance to Port Arthur

Enormous 11-inch shell from Japanese siege gun, beginning its deadly flight into Port Arthur

The Left Wing Preparing to Repel a Charge of Russian Infantry -- The Mikado's Intrepid Soldier Boys

Unlocking the Breech of one of the "Osaka Babies" -- before Port Arthur

1905 Mile Of Chinese Mule Carts waiting their turn at Dalny - Port Arthur



Ancient China In Three Dimension



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