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Canal Scene -- the Mark of Division between the Native and Foreign Settlements, Canton

Canal Between Canton Island Of Shameen

Canton's "floating" Population on Shameen Canal, from English Bridge - 1900

West End of Shamen Island and Western Suburb of Canton ~ 1900

Typical river sampan - Canton - 1902

The Wild Flowers of Song-Song Girls

In the Temple of the 500 Genii - Canton - 1902

A small Temple near Whampoa Pagoda - Canton

The Tomb of the Seventy-two Heroes, Temple Hill - Canton

Coolies unloading fish at the wharves - Canton

The Wedding Ceremony - Canton

Canton, the vast Metropolis of China -- from the Pagoda on the northern wall -- 1900

An ancient Stone Guardian of the Five-Story Pagoda, at the northern Wall of Canton

Chinese Bride and Bridegroom Worshipping the Tablets of their Deceased Ancestors - Canton

Grotesque Figures formed from Plants. Honam Temple Gardens - Canton

The Great Pagoda of Canton - 1896

River Boats, alive with native passengers - Canton - 1900

Mission Children, with one little American Girl - thousands of such massacred by "Boxers" - Canton

Man Speaking to the Crowd ~ Canton

In an Opium Den - Canton

A beautiful Cantonese Girl in Palanquin, with Maid Attendant - Canton 1900

A Canal in the heart of Canton

Beverage Shop Street Vendor -- Canton Guangzhou


Looking down the Chukiang River into the houses of the 400,000 Boat Population of Canton and a Sidewheeler Steamboat

The Chukiang River with Its Enormous Floating Population - Canton

Boatwomen with babies on their backs - Canton - 1910

Canton Beauties


Ancient China In Three Dimension

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