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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Eighty-Four
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Eighty-Four

The Railway Station at Peiping.

Bird's-eye-view of the celebrated Wall at Peking

Ruins around the Legations burned by Chinese -- from Chien-Men (gate) where Capt. Reilley was killed ~ Peking

Court of the Grand Lama Temple ~ Peking

The Emperor's Garden ~ Peking

West from Ha-ta-men (gate) along huge ancient Wall between Tartar and Chinese Peking
-- scene of a desperate charge during the Siege.

Hawk Sellers from Mongolia ~ Peking


The Old-Time Fighting Priest and a School Teacher ~ Peking

The City of Peking

Prince Su, title earned by distinguished bravery -- gave palace and provisions to besieged Legations ~ Peking

The Rev. Liu Mng Chuan and family outside his home ~ Peking

The Walls of the Sacred City ~ Peking

Chinese Method of Shoeing Horses ~ Peking

Chinese masons at work on the new Methodist Mission Church ~ Peking

A typical Peking cart ~ Peking

The Wall of Peking guarded by Russian Artillery ~ Peking

A Public Well near the Outer Gate ~ Peking

Basketball Playtime for Boys and Girls at a Chinese Kindergarten ~ Peiping.

Imperial Temple ~ Pekin

The Great Walls of the Imperial City ~ Peking

The City of Peking ~ 1902

Camel train in the Forbidden City

Beautiful Marble Boat Grounded at Summer Palace, Peking

Grand Porcelain Tower, one of the splendid buildings of the Imperial Summer Palace, near Peking.

Within the Forbidden City, home of the Empress Dowager -- Harmony Gate from elevated walk near Canal, Peking.

U. S. Infantry in Camp in Court of Forbidden City, Peking.


Ancient China In Three Dimension


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