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3-D Stereoview Cards: Gallery Ninety-One
Ancient China in 3D: Gallery Ninety-One

Boxers Awaiting Execution, Canton Prison, Canton.

Natives at Breakfast Movable Chow Shop, Canton

Chinese Bride and Bridegroom Worshipping the Tablets of their Deceased Ancestors, Canton

Newly Married Couple Dining Together for the First Time, Canton

A Visit to an Opium Den, Canton.

Bird's-eye-view of Canton, the City of Millions

Chinese Priests in wtheir Eccleciastical Robes, Canton.

Chinese Boy at Worship in Front of the Shrine of Confucious, before Entering School, Canton

Contrasts on a Modern Street in Canton

A small Temple near Whampoa Pagoda ~ Canton

A Thoroughfare near the Customs House ~ Canton

Watching the hated Foreigners, across Shameen Canal ~ Canton

In the Temple of 500 Genii (founded A.D. 500) among its 500 disciples of Buddha, Canton - 1900

Passing Life in the Land of Confucius -- Street scene, Canton

One of Li Hung Chang's Executioners, and his kneeling Victim -- Canton ~ 1900

Beheaded by order of Li Hung Chang, who executed 130 "Boxers," June 28th, 1900

The grim Executioner taking the labeled head to exhibit as a warning -- Canton ~ 1900

Chinese Graves, Canton

Splendor of Chun-Ka-Chie, Ancestral Hall of the great Chun Family of Canton.

The Five Genni Altar in Canton

The Gods of War in the Temple of the Five Genii, Canton

The Entrance of the Canton University

Fishing in the Harbor, Canton.

A Street of "Flower Boats," places of Amusement and Debauchery, Canton ~ 1900

Splendor of Chun-Ka-Kie, ancestral hall of the great Chan family of Canton.


Ancient China In Three Dimension

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