Section I: Singapore/Malaysia
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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
(expanded from our FaceBook pages)

(Bay South Garden 2  ~ April 16)
A Walk from the Clouds to the Subterranean Depths
The "big wheel"
Hanging out on a walk-out 
from the top of the waterfall!
A view of the Supertree Towers 
from inside the conservatory.
Can he make the jump to the distant tower?!
The walkways are solid in the centre, 
but the outer parts are mesh 
so you can get that "walking on air" feeling. 
See the "ant people" thru' the mesh?!
The cloud walk has mist machines!
The Hillmans on the Cloud Walk
Ang Lai Nguang in the mist
The stairway to...
We walked up there?!
All along the paths are interesting benches for resting. 
This bench is similar to 
the willow furniture we see back home. 
My "Internet sister" Karen Lee and me 
- meeting after a 20 year friendship 
Bill and I under the arch to another garden. 
We loved seeing all the plants from 
the four corners of the world, 
all represented in this conservatory.
How did my sister get to have THIS picture taken? 
I ain't sharing, no matter how close we are ;-)
Bill has double pleasure :-) 
posing with the two "sisters"
Great White Hunter - looking for Alligator Mama - 
a Bill Hillman composition from our CDs. LOL!
Bill is "the lift to the Lost World"!
Bill, hanging by the skin of.......teeth!
Bill, Lai, and Karen in the Crystal Cave. 
These crystal fomations were collected 
from caves from all over the world.
More of the crystal collection.
Karen Lee at Crystal Caves
After a 3-hour walk through 3 collections, 
we needed a break. 
Here we are at Seventh Heaven to sample
some of the 30 handcrafted ice cream flavours
including floral ice creams specially 
created for Gardens by the Bay.
I had the yuzu flavour ice cream - 
Japanes citrus with zest...very refreshing.
Over looking the whole rest area is this pride of lions.
African Garden- giddy-up!
I'll arm wrestle you for the bill, Bill!
To exit the conservatory, Fearless Bill must battle
the Giant Ants that have followed him from Malaysia.


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