Section I: Singapore/Malaysia
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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
(expanded from our FaceBook pages)

(Bay South Garden ~ April 16)
As we drove around Singapore after lunch, 
we spied these towers and thought 
we had been transported to John Carter's Barsoom!
Indeed, this was to be part of the day's adventure!
These dramatic vertical plant displays
are part of the Supertree garden. 
As you can see, Bill is kind of dwarfed by these giants. 
All structures and displays in this 
Bay South Garden are man-made. 
The trunk of this `tree`is entirely covered by vines, 
orchids, elephant ears, and many other tropical plants.
The Hillmans and the Living Towers
The Living Towers make for a great backdrop.
I am sure this bronze statue of a bull 
greeting us at the entrance provided for
many hilarious photo opps ;-) 
Men WILL be boys.
We thought maybe 
Karen was into bull riding 
and wanted to give her a "leg-up"! 
Care for a bite?
The ants swarming in the background 
weren't nearly as ferocious or 
as huge as the giant fire ants 
that attacked Bill a few days back in Malaysia : )
Better to have a rest ;-)
At the entrance to the conservatory. 
These are a few of the hundreds of pictures we took inside. 
So many plants, so little time! 
Thank goodness for digital cameras!
The desert display - 
a great collection both in variety and plant size! 
Can he toss this rock as far as 
John Carter did on Barsoom?
Amongst the plants were various statues,
giving the display a primitive feel.
Kind of huge?!
An Australian Bottlebrush plant...
Description of the Australian Baobab tree...
Very unusual shape... 
a means of water storage for drought season.
This could be a "face' or a village for faeries? 
I prefer the latter ;-)
The dry side of the waterfall with the cloud walk. 
This might give you some idea of
the height of the structure.
We sisters are short, yes, 
but we are miniatures beside this structure! 
The water creates a cooling mist as we walk by. 
The whole conservatory is air-conditioned!
Bill appears only slightly taller;-)
Looking out toward the Singapore Flyer 
that we passed earlier.
Much of the vegetation we have seen everywhere 
has been different from that at home. 
Even the ones similar to Manitoba 
have been different in that these here are HUGE!
The plants on the side of the waterfall. 
We walked inside the waterfall and 
noticed many doorways. 
Perhaps these give
the gardeners access to the plants.
Near the top of the picture,
you can see a "lookout" that gives 
a bird's eye view out to the waterfront.
An eagle sculpture from a tree root.
Oh yes
...can't forget bathroom breaks ;-) LOL!
I think we've started 
a collection of bathroom pictures ;-)


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