Section I: Malaysia
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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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From Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur III
More Malaysian Family Hospitality
 Some farewell shots of the KL Towers
Bill  getting down on his knees
for Kerry and Edah ;-)
Kerry "gets down" to get the
Hillmans AND the Towers in the picture.
 Menara Tower 1 Directory
Shopping Tour of the Towers Mall
before leaving.
 Our route back to Edan's
A fast exit from the Towers district.
Sights and stops along the way. . .
A small Chinese temple 
 On to the "Knock-off" market!
 Bill looking optimistic...
Knock-off Fender, Gretsch or Gibson guitars? 
No such luck ;-)
 The market is under covers.
Wonderfully stinky but delicious Malaysian fruit. 
if you can get the first bite past the nose, 
you will love the cool, sweet, custardy fruit inside. 
 Kerry and Bill arrive back at Edan's house.
Edah`s brother Edan 
with grandchildren Sophie and Shaquil. 
Edan and his wife Mas were so generous 
to invite us to stay at their home. 
It was like a luxury 5-star hotel 
with private bath and free WiFi : )
 Sophie likes to comb hair but doesn`t like HERS combed...
No, Bill. I only do ladies' hair ;-) 
 Breakfast noodle soup with red dates, shataki mushrooms, 
and a hard boiled egg. Delicious!
This is the kitchen for desserts, fruits, coffee, drinks. 
I am envious of the two-kitchen system! 
 This is the wet kitchen 
where the cooking and clean-up 
is done by the maids or lady-of-the-house.
Very comfy living room with lots of seating 
to curl up in for watching TV or visiting. 
Thanks, Edan, Mas. and family 
for your wonderful hospitality! 


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