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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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From Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur III
The Twin Towers of KL
(April 17 and 18)
 The very impressive Petronas Towers.
The tallest twin towers in the world.
 86 stories on each of the two towers 
with a connecting bridge.
 We've arrived. 
The connecting bridge is on the 41st floor.
Kerry and Edah at the Towers. 
 The entrance to the Towers' tour is in this mall.
Yes...we needed energy food 
before we "climbed" the Towers:
McD's ice cream cones all around :-) 
 We were given a briefing by this safety "lady", 
an image projected on a screen of mist!
This was our "guide" on the connecting bridge. 
We walked from one tower to the other. 
The bridge is a double decker on the 41st and 42 floors.
 Yup...feeling fairly confident of the structure ;-)
The bridge is not attached to the towers 
but are designed to slide in and out of the towers 
to prevent the bridges from breaking in high winds.
We walked the walk! 
The bridge is also used as a means of escape 
if there was a fire or emergency in either of the towers.
 A view of the second tower from the bridge.
A balcony?! 
 Overlooking the other buildings.
Kind of exciting to be up so high. 
 Nice to see green space... a park around the towers.
We were down there!? No diving allowed! 
 We stopped at the 82nd floor
to take a smaller elevator to the 86th floor.
At the top! 
It's a full panoramic view from here.'s wayyy up!
A maze of modern streets and rapid transit.
 A view of the Batu Caves in the distance.
 A model of the city of KL.
 What a great view... of us ;-)
Scale model of the buildings around the Twin Towers.
 Scale model of the needle on top of the towers.
There are a lot of models, pictures, videos 
being shown all around this area... including me ;-) 
 Nope... not sure I'd be sitting out on those balconies 
for my morning coffee ;-)
Edah had been on this tour many times, 
so she went shopping and later, 
we met up at this stage in the mall. 
 One of the many souvenir stalls in the mall. 
These are wood book markers 
and pictures done by laser.
A panoramic display photo of KL. 


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