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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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From Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur II
(April 17 and 18)
 A rest stop before Kuala Lumpur. 
These are very well equipped with toilets,
food stalls, and souvenir shops.
Tandas or toilets at the rest stop. 
 The first sight of KL (Kuala Lumpur)
The buildings are quite remarkable 
in the variety of shapes and styles. 
This one kind of reminds me of a CD stacking shelf.
 Yup...taller than Scotia Towers in Brandon. LOL!
 Look up...Look wayyy up!
 Yet, there are still old houses from the past. 
This is good to see.
 Our first stop was to Edah's niece Ili's house.
Bill is in their backyard with the famous Petronas Towers behind him. 
 Ili's beautiful table made from one tree!
 And the table was soon filled with snacks of all kinds.
 Ili's husband Fendi imports 
foreign luxury cars to Malaysia. 
They have 2 children, 
a very bright 5-year-old Miquel
and little daughter Heidi.
Fendi had surprised Ili and 
the kids with a trip to Paris. 
And these macaroons from from Paris! 
 Heidi is a beautiful little girl, 
very independent and bright.
The Twin Towers 
are very clear from the backyard. 
 After the visit with Ili and Fendi, 
we were onto Edah's brother Edan's house. 
We stayed there for two nights.
Edah at Edan's house. 
 Kerry and little nephew Shaquil.
Edan had supper all ready when we arrived. 
 This is Mas, Edan's wife. Mas is Chinese, 
but we speak different dialects.
 In the morning, 
we took the rapid transit train to downtown,
to tour the Petronas Twin Towers.
 This is where commuters park their cars.
There's never enough room for all the cars,
so they double park, leave their cars in neutral.
Then the cars blocked in 
can move the culprit and drive out!
A view of the car park 
from the rapid rail transit station! 
 The map - so efficient.
Not quite as crowded as in Japan or Beijing, 
I imagine, but then, this was not during rush hour. 
 On to the city centre...


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