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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Captions by Sue-On
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From Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur
(April 17 and 18)
 Karen's friend and former staff Ally Juliana Pabill 
had booked us into the Puteric Pacific Hotel 
right in the heart of things in Johor Bahru 
for our stay there from April 15 - 17th.
It is a 5-star hotel with a great view. 
A view from the outside elevator down to the pool and play area.
As soon as you walk out, there is the hustle and bustle of 
Indian shops, Chinese shops and ethnic restaurants.
This is found in many hotels: 
durian because of the incredible odour, 
and mangosteen because of the red juice 
that would stain the prestine bedding. 
 On our last day in JB, 
Karen and Lai met us at the hotel for breakfast.
As with all the 5-star hotels,
breakfast consists of both Asian and Western items, 
except for pork which is not part of the Muslim diet. 
 After a hearty breakfast, the group is ready to go
for some last minute shopping!
First thing was to get Bill's some cold meds 
as he was under a weather a bit. 
The pharmacist wanted a picture with us. 
 The Asian clerk only want a picture with Bill ;-)
 Karen and Lai had done some scouting 
for clothes before hand, 
so both Edah and I scored well
in that department! 
By then, we needed food?! 
It wasn't because we were hungry, 
but a refreshing drink was in order.
 Can't just have a refreshing drink without kueh! 
These are taro cakes.
Tapioca and coconut milk with taro chunks
... I think. 
 Are these pretty? 
And they are tasty too - no calories;-)
 Another version of chendal:
coconut milk, palm sugar, pandan flavoured 
green noodles and beans - so delicious!
We were introduced to this while visiting Penang 
with my foodie friend Teck Poh Choo. 
That day, she took us to her favourite street vendor 
and these were very refreshing.
 Not sure what this was called...maybe ABC ice?
Waterchestnut cake in banana leaf 
 Of course, after eating all things Malaysian, 
I must search out cookbooks.
These were, thankfully, bilingual! 
More books for my collection:-) 
 Then, it was time to say the much dreaded goodbye...
The well-dressed bellhop - 
efficient and well mannered 
even tho' he didn't speak English:-) 
 The gang for one last group hug and picture.
Thanks to my "sister" Karen Lee and Ang Lai Nguang 
for a wonderful time in your part of Malaysia and Singapore. 
We are looking forward to a visit from you soon! 


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