Section I: Malaysia
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Photos by Bill and Sue-On
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Tea Plantations and Resorts
 Erosion is a major problem. 
The soil gets washed down to the river, 
so dredging is a necessity.
This machine seemed to be working off a barge.
I think working from the river bank would be safer?! 
 Sometimes, the road is very challenging!
 Then, the road is perfect 
approaching a town or a ***star hotel ;-)
 Overlooking terraces covered with tea bushes or 
vegetables can be very relaxing. 
Most of the vegetables and fruits are grown under cover. 
The plants are irrigated with hoses on the ground, 
never watered from above with sprinklers. 
All along the roadside are exposed hoses
providing water to the farms.
A pretty place for tea and 
cucumber sandwiches if so inclined :-) 
 Even here is evidence 
that an election is in the air :-)
This is one of several tea houses along the way. 
 Kerry and Edah knew all the best tea houses, 
so we passed by this one.
Tea and vegetables... 
 These hills didn't stop the farmers!
Another rest stop, and as you can see,
the hills are steep but terraced for agriculture. 
And no, I don't think that's the Star Spangled Banner ;-) 
 This is an example of a covered 
strawberry farm and plant nursery.
Yes. This place serves lovely tea 
and has a gorgeous view. 
 I am game!
 Did I say they grow tea here?
 Gorgeous patterns of varying shades of green.
More tea... 
 And More tea!
And for all the tea in China...LOL! 
That will come also :-) 
These bushes are very old, gnarled stocks, 
much like grape vines 
 Edah performs the tea pouring duties. 
We didn't indulge in food 
as lunch is a ways off yet.
The tea servers enjoying a lull.
 Refreshed after tea!
A lovely view of a man-made waterfall, 
surrounded by...TEA! 
The Morris-Hillman Quartet.
Tea Drinkers All
 The rolling hills of tea plants
make for a beautiful backdrop.


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